There’s Something Comfortable About Fall

The weather’s been pretty crummy the last four days or so, by normal peoples’ standards. Lots of spitting rain and grayness. Sunday it rained like crazy which I generally don’t mind, but we were making the should-have-been-four, turned-out-to-be-six hour drive from New Hampshire home to New York in it, so that was frustrating. But, aside from that, I generally like the early fall weather. Summer’s nice and all, but after sweating through so many days or chilling in the air conditioning, I like being able to have my windows open and smell the fresh fall air. Even the grayness doesn’t bother me, it’s almost like Mother Nature’s tired from the summer and just wants to be neutral for a while so she can charge up her batteries, a sentiment I completely understand. It’s neither hot nor cold. I can still wear a T-shirt, though now with jeans instead of shorts and I can still sport my beat-up slip-on boat shoes for another few months. If it gets a little chillier I’ll just throw on a hooded sweatshirt and I’m all good. That was pretty much my uniform in college minus the boat shoes and, frankly, the clothing I’m most comfortable in.

I understand the appeal of nice weather, but on a day to day basis I’d rather the it just be alright. If it’s too nice out, it’s distracting and I get filled with a “I should be out enjoying this instead of blogging or writing about toys” kind of feeling. If it’s super crappy out, I dread running to the post office or some other small errand which eats up more mental space and time than it deserves. But, when it’s gray out, it just is. And I like that, except for when it compels me to write a blog post about it.

Then again, sometimes I think I’ve got a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder because if the weather stays neutral for too long, I start to feel unmotiviated, unfunny and un-wanting to do anything but play video games and read comics, which is not a good state to be in when every penny you make comes based on how good the last thing you wrote was. Hey, look at that. It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Nice.

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