Real World Watcher New Orleans Episode 9 “Fired”

Tonight’s the big drug episode! Someone’s stealing Ashlee’s pain pills. Everyone suspects Knight, but Ryan does act like a complete weirdo. Or it could be someone completely different! I’m guessing MTV will hold off on most of this until the end and it will carry over into the next episode. I’ve got my beer and popcorn, let’s watch!

10:00 pm- Haha, the recap is awesome because it’s showing all of Ryan’s weird traits and reminding us that Knight had a drug problem. Well done MTV.

10:01 pm – Ryan notices a dead fish in the aquarium, so he pulls out the fish with grill tongs and then cooks it on the stove. Remember, this is the same dude who threw up when Knight ate a bug. That’s some highly sketchy and all-over-the-place behavior. Knight eats it with him. “It tastes like a bluegill.” – Knight.

10:03pm – Ashlee is freaked out by Ryan. Ryan responds by being really strange back to her. You really need to watch the episode to see how weird the kid is.

10:04pm – Out at a club, Ryan starts serving shots. I have no idea what’s going on. They’re throwing bones outside and he has a crazy look. Then he asks Eric to watch his back cause he’s drunk and tells McKenzie he’s losing his mind.

10:05pm – In the van on the way back, Ryan starts punching the seat of the van, which freaks Jemmye out. Then he starts banging his head against the window. Dude’s nuts. “He’s so weird that it’s hard to find out why he does what he does.” – Eric. Good call, dude.

10:06pm – Sahar and Ryan are in a bed. He’s banging his head on the wall. He tells her she has an extreme OCD. He tells the camera that it’s been getting really bad lately. She tells him she’ll go with him to see someone. He doesn’t want to tell the other roommates because he doesn’t want them to hold it against him. Not a bad plan.

10:08pm – They show us point blank on the night vision cameras, Ryan walking into Ashlee’s room and taking something from under her bed, probably her pain pills.

10:09pm – Knight heard Ryan rummaging through drawers and cabinets. Then Ashlee says she had her tonsils taken out and had 6 Percocets left over and now they’re all gone.

10:10pm – Now Ryan is saying that Knight asked him for a Percocet. This leads to Ashlee asking Knight, but he’s acting stand-offish. IT’S A MYSTERY!

10:11pm – Jemmye doesn’t like Ryan and thinks he could be a bad person for Knight to have in his life.

10:16pm – More fish have died, but since McKenzie finds them, they get buried instead of eaten. She then says a prayer over them.

10:17pm – Now Ryan’s vacuuming with a Dyson and wants it to suck Eric’s nipple and Knight’s testicle. Both allow this! Gah. Then Ryan wants to do it one more time. Knight seems to be getting tired of his bullshit, but still playing along a little. It’s almost like Ryan has dirt on Knight that he doesn’t want to get out and will go along with all this stupid nonsense because of it.

Ashlee’s talking to her mom on the phone. She doesn’t want to believe that Knight took them but nice tolerant mom says “A druggie’s a druggie.”

10:18pm – Sahar’s friend Lila comes to visit. She looks like an actress, but I can’t nail down who.

10:19pm – Eric’s doing stand-up at a club, material based at least partly on the show. Sahar’s talking abut getting on stage at some point. Hasn’t happened yet. Don’t lose your opportunity, chick!

10:20pm – They’re at a club again, Jemmye doesn’t like Knight and Ryan hanging out. Ryan drives home, but he looked drunk. It’s hard to tell if he’s being drunk or crazy, I guess. Jemmye and Ryan start saying shit back and forth about being country and being a hair dresser. Once Ryan says that Jemmye needs to stop having her dad send her money, she slaps him. He stops the car in the middle of the road and everyone else has to convince him to keep driving.

10:21pm – Back at the house, Jemmye’s still giving Ryan shit and then talks to Knight about Ryan saying that Knight’s been taking the drugs. Knight doesn’t seem to care.

10:26pm – Another fish is dead. They just float there sideways. Maybe that’s just how those fish are. Shouldn’t they float to the top when they’re dead?

10:28pm – Sahar and her friend are talking about how things are different back home. I gotta say, it matters less where you come from, and more how you are because of it.

Ryan found someone to talk to named Scott about his OCD. I’m still not convinced this isn’t all an act.

10:29pm – Sahar hooked up with some local musicians. They brought over some instruments to play with her at the house. It’s pretty cool. The other roommates are just sitting around watching them. That’s right, they haven’t seen her sing.

McKenzie makes a good point: Sahar’s just kind of singing along with the singer lady, but she’s holding back.

10:31pm – Jemmye’s in the car with Sahar and Ashlee. They’re all wondering why Knight isn’t calling Ryan out and saying he didn’t take the pills.

10:32pm – Knight and Sahar sound a little buzzed and are tossing insults back and forth. Sahar says something about him taking Percocet and he got SUPER pissed. He didn’t say thing one to Ryan and he said some pretty hurtful shit to her. Then he makes fun of her singing. I’ve got to say that’s fair. Then Ryan hugs her in the bathroom. Weird.

10:37pm – It’s the next day and Preston’s none too impressed with Knight giving Sahar shit. Maybe this will actually kick her in the ass. Ryan keeps getting close to her. It’s weird. Like he’s trying to get in good with Knight’s enemy to have someone believe that they both took the pills. He’s like a super villain!

10:39pm – Knight, McKenzie, Preston, Jemmye and Ashlee head to the mission to help out. Loretta’s talking things out with Knight, telling him he needs to choose how he reacts to people better. It’s rare for the Real Worlders to have an older voice of reason around, I like her. It’s a good element.

10:41pm – Knight takes a drug test and it’s negative for everything.

Preston didn’t know about Sahar bringing up the drug thing with Knight. Where has this dude been?

10:42pm – Without actually confronting him, Knight tells the camera that he proved that Ryan was lying and that he wants to move on. He’ll yell at girls, one of which he’s dating, but he won’t give the skinny blond hairdresser some shit? More support to my Ryan-has-dirt-on-Knight theory.

10:43pm – Ryan is really making me angry. He must have been infuriating to live with. He comes down and starts singing to Sahar. Sounds like she’s singing the next day.

The taxi comes to pick her friend up, Lila will be missing her performance.

10:45pm – Now Sahar’s questioning Knight to Ashlee saying she doesn’t know how long Percocet will stay in your system or how long ago Knight could have taken the pills. She also says she doesn’t know when to believe Ryan. Then they show night vision footage of Ryan having trouble sleeping that looks like something out of Exorcist.

10:48pm – Ryan calls his therapist and cancels the appointment. Big shocker there. IT’S ALL A RUSE!

10:49pm – Sahar’s getting ready to leave for her gig. Knight says he’ll go. Will she chicken out like Ryan did?

10:50pm – Knight gets up and introduces Sahar as Hollywood to the crowd. She does okay, but I think she sounded better in Theresa Andersson’s kitchen. She totally forgets the words, but just kind of goes along with it. Ryan looks super embarrassed. She kind of scats along to it and gets through it, but it wasn’t super pretty.

10:52pm – Haha, then Eric gets up and freestyles about Sahar with the jazz band. Haha. He even throws Pablo in. Hilarious. Good on him.

10:57pm – Drunken Sahar calls Lila up and tells her she forgot the words, but that it also motivated her to get up on stage again. Good on her.

10:58pm – Sahar says she saw Ryan shaking his head when she messed up and Knight says he’s clearly on something.

Whoa, looks like Ryan’s weirdo family comes for a visit next episode and Eric threatens to knock him out. Good stuff.

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