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It’s been way too long since I’ve done one of these, so I’ve got a few old links in here. Ah well, I think they’re still worth checking out.

First off, I’m sad to hear about Steve Jobs passing away. To my mind he was the Walt Disney of our generation. He might not have build the iPad or MacBook Air with his own hands, but he amassed an amazing crew of people, gave them some ideas and let them invent to the utmost of their ability. Same goes for Walt. My thoughts go out to his family.

Onto a few more light links. A few folks got drawn onto variant covers of Amazing Spider-Man #669, check out the story I did on them over at I also wrote about Beast’s many costumes for the site and my monthly Earth’s Mightiest Costumes feature!

For CBR, I talked to Frank Cho about Guns & Dinoes, Nathan Edmondson about The Activity, Jon Goff about Blood Red Dragon, Jim Zubkavich about Skullkickers, Denton & Keene about Pilot Season: Fleshdigger and Doug TenNapel about Ratfist.

I also did a list for Topless Robot, this one about the nerdiest set decorations found on The IT Crowd, a show I quite liked.

Speaking of Topless Robot, my pal Rob Bricken wrote a pretty amazing and hilarious FAQ for the Star Wars Blu-ray you should absolutely read.

I saw the following N64 commercial a ton of times while watching my tape of Real World: Boston. It’s quite strange, to say the least.

I’ve been a Red Hot Chili Peppers since 7th grade and never read a solo Chad Smith until this super entertaining Rolling Stone one.Dan Hipp mashed up Willy Wonka and the Fantastic Four. Beauty.

X-Men Destiny looks kinda awesome. My interest will depend on how much RPG stuff is in there. The less the better. (via CBR)

As a novice food blogger over on Monkeying Around The Kitchen, I found this Will Write For Food list of ways bloggers have changed food reviewing to be pretty darn interesting.

Ript Apparel‘s Mad Men/80s slasher mash-up was pretty amazing today. In fact, I liked it so much, I bought it! (via Shirtoid)

Casting Internets

I wrote a piece about the Walking Dead Board Game for CBR.

I’ve talked to Todd McFarlane a few times and he’s always a pleasure. This time was about Haunt for CBR.

I also did a fun list for Topless Robot about the best comic book watering holes.

I’m also the main toy guy for Wizard World, go check out what I wrote in #15 and 16.

My friend Sam made these awesome R2-D2-themed wings. They are awesome, as I said.

Kevin Huizenga showed off the cover to Ganges #4 last week. That should be a great comic.

Drawn & Quarterly‘s having a sale, go pick out something pretty.

Brian Moylan’s Gawker post about the most recent episode of Real Housewives of New York is amazing. Need proof? “She’s just reaching into that Jonathan Taylor Thomas Trapper Keeper brain of hers and pulling out these crazy things to say that make no sense. They’re about as appropriate to the situation as a light dusting of glitter, which is what Kelly would like to sprinkle over everything—and then give it a slap bracelet.” Boom. I’m jealous both at how funny Moylan is and the fact that he gets paid to be that snarky.

A new Aerosmith record being recorded? I’ll believe it when I see it. (via Rolling Stone)Phil Noto‘s Thundarr the Barbarian artwork makes me wish that someone was making comics of old cartoons like these.

Wired‘s piece about The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” and Paul McCartney’s long-time interest in electronic music is pretty fascinating.

I’m definitely curious about Esquire‘s recipe for the Arnold Palmer martini. Now I just need a spare liter of vodka and a half cup of black tea…
This “Plastic Villains” T-shirt I saw in Shirtoid is pretty awesome.

I don’t want to get too excited this far out, but I like the sound of the American Gods TV series being six seasons with a huge budget. Let’s hope it does well enough to not only make it to TV but also last longer than the two to three seasons HBO tends to give things. (via /Film)Ulises Farinas‘ Doctor Strange commission makes me wish there was a really good Dr. Strange comic out there.

Finally, Robot 6er Michael May has a really interesting piece about comic companies perpetuating this myth that there’s a huge plan in place for their universes. The more embedded you become in the industry the more you realize this is true. The fact that he based the piece on a How I Met Your Mother bit makes it all the better.

Casting Internets

I’m sick today, so this will probably be the only post I do today as my pounding headache makes typing more of a chore than usual.

I wrote a bunch of stuff for MTV Geek this week that will be going up in the next few days including this week’s Crossovers We Want To See mixing various zombies and a look back at other replacement Fantastic Four members!

I also talked to super great guy Fred Van Lente about his Five Favorite Avengers for I think he might be the first person not to include Hawkeye.

Finally, check out my TV column while it’s still mine.

Wait, what? Did this really happen? Bob Mitchell, tell me what’s happening?!

Guy Ritchie doing a Cannonball Run remake? I’m not his biggest fan in the world, but a remake of one of my favorite movies could be fun if whoever did it matched the huge and excellent cast from the original. (via /Film)

I have an undying love for the song “Yellow Submarine” even though I’ve never seen the movie. I would definitely consider buying this $20 shirt from Go Ape Shirts. (via Shirtoid)

James Kochalka
and I have very similar thoughts on mail.

My buddy Sean T. Collins reviewed All-Star Superman, a favorite comic of mine from the past few years (decade?).

I’m very curious about Dynamite’s Kirby: Genesis project. I like Kurt Busiek a lot and I used to like Alex Ross a ton, but I don’t think his current pastel phase will work for the bright and bold worlds Kirby created. (via CBR)

Jersey Shore Season 3 “Should We Just Break Up?”

First off, before I get into the meat of the episode, I think it’s awesome that MTV is selling official Jersey Shore Grenade Whistles and GW t-shirts. Okay, now that that’s done (I should get paid for ads like that), this episode picks up at Karma where the previous episode ended, showing JWOWW and Sammi making up. Great. That means she’ll be cool and hang out and there won’t be as much animosity and everything will be cool, right? Well, not quite. Hit the jump to find out what went down! Continue reading Jersey Shore Season 3 “Should We Just Break Up?”

Sheldon’s Purple Batman Shirt For Sale!

Ever since I saw The Big Bang Theory episode “The Apology Insufficiency” I’ve been wondering where to find the black T-shirt Sheldon’s wearing with the purple/green Batman symbol. Seems like a lot of other people have too. Luckily, it just came through my Google Reader from Shirtoid! Shirtoid calls it the Batman Gradient shirt while 80s Tees, the site actually selling it for $24, has simply dubbed it Sheldon’s Batman Shirt.

Casting Internets

Hey look, I wrote a list about 10 non traditional Christmas movies over on Topless Robot. Any excuse to watch Gremlins and Batman Returns again is aces in my book.

While I’m tooting my own horn, go check out an interview I did with the Mattel guys working on the new Young Justice toy line for ToyFare which is now up on the general Wizard Entertainment blog Pie Monkey. Also check out the He-Man/Inception Twisted ToyFare Theater I helped work on here.

My buddy Sean Collins just kicked off the lotsa fun Superheroes Lose Tumblr.

I hadn’t thought about this up until now, but someone over on The Fwoosh‘s regular Ask Matty (that’s Mattel) column asked if, now that Vertigo characters are showing up in the DCU, will they be in the DC Universe Classics line. He specifically asked about Swamp Thing, but just think about the possibilities!If the Dalek Christmas tree doesn’t get you in the Holiday spirit, nothing will. (via IHC)Speaking of Doctor Who the new action figures each come with part of the Pandorica and a CD! AWESOME! (via Toynewsi)

I know one person who will be crazy-excited about Marvel announcing their new CrossGen imprint. Dude actually has a CrossGen license plate, or did back when I knew him. Hey, at least they didn’t trying shoehorn the characters into the Marvel U like the Distinguished Competition has done three times in the past few years. (via Robot 6)

This parrot singing “Bodies” made me laugh harder than it probably should have. (via Super Punch)

Tim Heffernan‘s assessment of Marine General James Amos’ fear of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell seems dead on to me.

Esquire continues asking interesting people what they’ve learned from life. In case you were wondering, yes, Robert Redford is still awesome.

Ron Marz has a new column over on CBR. I dig the guy’s work a lot and liked the first column. Can’t wait to see what else we get!

Like everyone else on the comic internet, I found Brian Hibbs‘ assessment of the current comic market fascinating, specifically this bit “I think that the publishers are largely producing too many of the wrong comics at the wrong price point.”

Mmmm, I think a whiskey punch is in my immediate future. Thanks Esquire!

Finally, I think these Old Navy Techno Hoodies with earbuds built into the draw strings are freaking ingenious, but how do you wash them without getting electrocuted later?

There’s Something Comfortable About Fall

The weather’s been pretty crummy the last four days or so, by normal peoples’ standards. Lots of spitting rain and grayness. Sunday it rained like crazy which I generally don’t mind, but we were making the should-have-been-four, turned-out-to-be-six hour drive from New Hampshire home to New York in it, so that was frustrating. But, aside from that, I generally like the early fall weather. Summer’s nice and all, but after sweating through so many days or chilling in the air conditioning, I like being able to have my windows open and smell the fresh fall air. Even the grayness doesn’t bother me, it’s almost like Mother Nature’s tired from the summer and just wants to be neutral for a while so she can charge up her batteries, a sentiment I completely understand. It’s neither hot nor cold. I can still wear a T-shirt, though now with jeans instead of shorts and I can still sport my beat-up slip-on boat shoes for another few months. If it gets a little chillier I’ll just throw on a hooded sweatshirt and I’m all good. That was pretty much my uniform in college minus the boat shoes and, frankly, the clothing I’m most comfortable in.

I understand the appeal of nice weather, but on a day to day basis I’d rather the it just be alright. If it’s too nice out, it’s distracting and I get filled with a “I should be out enjoying this instead of blogging or writing about toys” kind of feeling. If it’s super crappy out, I dread running to the post office or some other small errand which eats up more mental space and time than it deserves. But, when it’s gray out, it just is. And I like that, except for when it compels me to write a blog post about it.

Then again, sometimes I think I’ve got a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder because if the weather stays neutral for too long, I start to feel unmotiviated, unfunny and un-wanting to do anything but play video games and read comics, which is not a good state to be in when every penny you make comes based on how good the last thing you wrote was. Hey, look at that. It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Nice.