Adventures In Freelancing: An Introduction

I fully intended to kick this recurring column off last week as Friday marked the one year anniversary of my being laid off from ToyFare. It was a really strange and stressful time, but it actually turned out really well for me because I was able to realize a life long dream: working as a full time writer. I probably never would have jumped into the pool myself, but being thrown in really helped and now I’m moving along swimmingly.  Sure it’s freelance and no it wasn’t easy to get to a point where I could–in theory–support myself if I lived on my own and in a different state, but I’ve really grown to love my new job and don’t even find myself trolling websites for jobs anymore. It’s a good place to be at.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to start a recurring column where I talk about doing freelance writing for a living. Since I mostly write about toys, comics, movies, TV and other pop culture elements, the column will pull from that experience, but I would imagine that my experiences are somewhat universal and can be applied to other topics. I obviously don’t know everything, but hopefully I know somethings that might help you out either getting work or avoiding some of the pitfalls I fell into. I encourage lots of comments and questions. Next week’s more robust column will be the first installment in a multi-part post about getting work!

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