Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 8

Ah, so MTV’s replaying the episode they showed before the MTV Video Awards. Didn’t see the VMAs and missed this episode, so that’s good. I was worried I’d have to do two of these things tonight. Last we saw, Angelina and Vinny were hooking up. Hit the jump for the belated live blog. 10:01pm – The phone wakes Angelina up from Vinny’s bed. She answers and it’s Vinny’s mom. Haha.

Before Angelina said Vinny was hot and wanted to hook up. This morning she’s saying she was drunk. Chick needs to make up her mind.

10:02pm – They’re all talking about Vinny and Angelina hooking up in the house and Sammi calls Angelina a whore because she’s with that Jose dude. Snooki tells the camera she thinks Angelina’s a whore too.

10:03pm – While Vinny’s on the phone with his mom (she’s coming to visit) the guys are all giving Angelina shit for hooking up with Vinny and not smooshing Jose. After he gets off the phone, Vinny admits the hooked up, but he sounds embarrassed.

10:04pm – Haha, Mike’s giving Angelina shit. Mike’s saying it proves the theory that all you need to do to get a girl is be an ass to her and don’t be nice at all. JWOWW says she thought Angelina was dating Jose. Mike calls Angelina a whore to the camera.

10:05pm – Pauly says he doesn’t like working at the gelato shop but he “kills it.” He’s working with Vinny and Angelina. Vinny’s mom, his Uncle Nino and a bunch of other family members come into the gelato shop. There’s a LOT of them.

10:06pm – Snooki’s upset that she hooked up with Vinny and then he hooked up with Angelina. Snooki and JWOWW are out and Snooki wonders why Angelina doesn’t like her. Maybe because you tried to throw her under the bus with the letter thing! Oh and also because you’ve never been nice to her. Just saying.

10:11pm – Vinny’s mom brought a suitcase full of food and ingredients.

Gah, Angelina brings Jose over to meet Vinny’s mom. That’s just super awkward. Oh god, it’s Jose’s birthday too!

I think Vinny told Jose to come back for dinner. Then, when he walks out the door Jose takes his shirt off for no reason. It’s weird.

10:12pm – The other family members show up. Pauly calls Uncle Nino an OG: “original Guido.” He was just hitting on JWOWW, complimenting her color and saying he wants to drink her like a Jello shot. I think that’s what he said, he’s got a crazy accent. He calls Mike “Sanitation” and JWOWW “JLo.”10:14pm – The roommates are all excited to have a real family-like meal. Everyone eats the first course, then they go take a break. Then there’s a second course. It looks like an amazing feast. There’s another break and then desert. I want to go to dinner at Vinny’s house.

10:15pm – Now Uncle Nino’s hanging out in the hot tub. JWOWW and Snooki come out and he’s pretty excited.  Now he’s in the confessional! Haha. 10:16pm – Later, they’re bouncing the ball around in the hot tub. Angelina hits it out of reflex and it his Snooki. There’s a quick explosive argument between them, but it doesn’t go anywhere.

10:20pm – Vinny’s family’s taking off, but just for that night.

10:21pm – Angelina calls Jose up to say she can’t go out tonight (I think it’s still his b-day) because she’s worried Mike will rat her out. Then, of course, everyone goes out and Angelina’s dancing all up on some other dude. She likes the Latin fellas.

10:22pm – Pauly and Mike have two pairs of girls they can hook up with. The first is DTF, but Pauly tells Mike to go find out of the second pair is also DTF. I found that really hilarious.

Vinny’s dancing up on one of the girls that Mike was working on. Mike goes over to her and she asks where Vinny is. He kind of traps her, dances with her and then brings her back tot he house.

10:24pm – Snooki tells the camera she should have gotten to Jose first because she wouldn’t have screwed him over.

Mike and Pauly head to their room with their respective girls. The girls are in the dudes’ sweatpants and Mike thinks it’s about to be on. He keeps moving the girl around in all kinds of weird positions, but they’re still fully clothed. 10:28pm – These are freaky girls. You’ve got to be like that to screw in a room with another couple having sex in the next bed. I guess I’m just old fashioned that way.

10:29pm – For some reason, Mike’s girl jumps out of bed. Ohh, she says she has a boyfriend. Pauly’s girl leaves with her. Whoa, Mike’s wearing his shorts really low with no shirt. It’s like a D’Angelo video. Mike’s girl says “Have fun playing with yourselves.” I think she just wanted to be on TV.

10:30pm – Pauly calls a girl who gave him her number at 6AM. Actually, Mike’s the one doing the calling. The calls have all been forwarded to voice mail. Probably cause it’s crazy early.

10:31pm – Pauly explains to us that a girl coming over at 3AM means she’s DTF, but he doesn’t know what’s up if it’s 6AM. Pauly gets through to a girl, she says she’ll come over. Mike tells her only to come if she brings a hot, non-grenade friend. She says she’ll be over between 30 and 45 minutes. Haha, Mike’s cooking eggs.

10:35pm – Aww, the girl doesn’t bring anyone over and tells the guys all her friends are grenades. Ouch, they’re going to see this, honey. Pauly’s in good though, get out of the room Sitch!

10:36pm – What a freak, Mike makes an egg sandwich while Pauly’s getting it in and then brings his food into the room and watches Pauly screw.
The roomies head to the beach and have some fun. Back at the house, Angelina tells Mike she’s going to hang out with Jose. He says he wants to tell Jose what’s up, but obviously she doesn’t want that to happen.

10:37pm – They’re all out at a club and Angelina’s getting on Jose again. Ronnie calls her a pimp. True enough, though he wouldn’t be saying that if Angelina was playing him. Jose’s telling her how giddy he gets when he sees her number show up on his phone.

10:38pm – Mike tells Jose that he has to tell him something if Angelina doesn’t. Jose doesn’t look pleased. She tells him she hooked up with Vinny (I think). The geniuses at MTV keep on-screen text over the subtitles. Well done doofuses. 10:42pm – This is awesome, Vinny’s dancing like a fool next to Angelina and Jose while she’s telling Jose she hooked up with Vinny. Angelina tells the camera that she doesn’t feel like she needs to tell anyone anything unless they’re dating. Angelina says that “hooking up” means different things to different people and she’s not going to clarify. Jose doesn’t seem too upset.

Side note: these two idiots left the club to talk in private at what sounds like the loudest mariachi patio ever.

10:43pm – At a different bar (actually, it looks like a different night because Vinny’s not wearing the same clothes) Vinny meets this girl named Ramona who he wants to go out on legit date with. She looks kind of like JWOWW actually. 10:44pm – Pauly also meets a girl that he wants to go out on a date with too. The next day, Vinny and Pauly call their girls to set up a double date. Vinny’s all cute and nervous when he calls Ramona. She’s in, Vinny’s so excited he does some breakdance moves. Now Pauly calls his girl and she’s in too.

10:47pm – Pauly and Vinny head out, make reservations, get haircuts, buy some clothes, even get bouquets of flowers and hit up the laundry.

10:48pm – Uh oh, Ramona’s calling Vinny after they did all that. She’s all stuttering and awkward. She says she doesn’t want to come, he says it’s alright and then hangs up on her. Angelina chuckles at this. Bitch. I feel bad for Vinny.

10:52pm – Vinny’s sitting outside sad and dejected. Ronnie comes out to talk to him. Pauly comes out with his hair not done! Pauly says he’s got another girl if he’s in, but Vinny opts out. 10:54pm – Jose’s over at the house and Angelina’s explaining what happened with Vinny and the girl. Vinny calls Ramona back and tells her he’s sorry and that he was pissed about something else. He literally says “Please please please pretty please.” Damn dude. She says “I’ll see you.” He’s literally jumping up and down he’s so excited. She didn’t sound all that definite to me though.

10:56pm – Vinny and Pauly are all spiffed up. Pauly’s girl shows up first. Mike’s giving Vinny shit because the girl hasn’t shown up yet. I think dude’s jealous. Pauly says he’s not looking for other girls because he digs this chick. They head to the restaurant just the two of them. Looks like Vinny and Ramona will be meeting them there if she shows.

10:57pm – Vinny calls Ramona up to see what’s going on, but she doesn’t answer. Aww man, that’s cold. This chick is mean. Everyone else is sitting around and feeling bad for him. The others invite him to come out with them, but he just stays there.

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