The Hot Toys Barney Ross Figure Is Awesome!

I love Sylvester Stallone AND The Expendables, so it’s no shocker that I’m knocked back by how awesome this Hot Toys figure based on Stallone’s Expendables character Barney Ross is. I spend a good chunk of my professional life writing about toys and have even talked about Hot Toys quite a bit. My go-to comment is how insanely good looking their figures are when compared to their original subjects. I’ve called it magic and super-science (shrinking tech), but DAMN, this figure looks good. Just look at the detail on those tattoos and Stallone’s freakish, yet impressive old man arms! I’m also impressed that a shirtless figure looks so good, they do a great job of offering articulation without making the torso and joints look too action figure-y. My only complaint about these figures is that with a price point between $150-200, there’s no way I can rationalize a purchase like that. Sorry Sly, but I’d rather put that much scratch towards a new guitar. But, if someone wanted to send me one for free, I wouldn’t kick it out of bed…that’s a metaphor. I swear.

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