Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Hot Troll Deviation”

I dug tonight’s episode of Big Bang Theory which not only revealed the hows and whys of Howard’s break-up with the lovely Bernadette, but also featured a mini war between Raj and Sheldon who are working together. Leonard didn’t have a lot to do except move the story along while Penny helped get Bernadette and Howard together while also being super nosey. Good stuff.

8:00pm – Sheldon and Raj are discussing xenon at the Cheesecake Factory. I have no idea what that is, but you can read about it on Wikipedia here.

“If you were a superhero you would be Captain Arrogance and your superpower would be arrogance.” – Raj to Sheldon.

8:01pm – Apparently Raj and Sheldon are working together on something.

Howard’s ex Bernadette still works at the Cheesecake Factory, when Howard sees her he ducks under a table.

8:05pm – Howard’s got silk pajamas on and leopard sheets with some pretty crazy mood-lighting going (which apparently comes from some mounted lightsabers that I now want in my house), but I’m guessing he’s alone. Whoa, is that Katee Sackhoff? Yup, that’s her wearing her Battlestar Galactica flight suit.

8:06pm “Oh ravish me Howard, my loins ache for you.” – Katee

8:07pm – Howard’s back to his fantasy after an interruption from his mom looking for her girdle and Bernadette appears, but Katee’s still there too. Good for him. Ah, now George Takei’s in the room and Katee’s asking if he has latent homosexual tendencies. He says no, but Takei’s not so sure.

8:08pm – Now Katee’s asking George how to deal with being typecast after being in  a successful sci-fi show.
At lunch the next day, Leonard asks Howard why things ended with Bernadette. Howard doesn’t want to talk about it, but says it’s something embarrassing.

8:09pm – Leonard suggests kidnapping her from the opera while wearing a creepy mask Phantom Of The Opera style and Howard doesn’t know if he’s kidding.

Raj wants a desk, but Sheldon says he can’t have one. Sheldon apparently has an ant farm with glow in the dark sand. Do they really make those? I’ve found ones with LED lights, but not glow in the dark sand.

8:10pm – Sheldon conceeds that Raj can buy his own desk and put it in the office because Sheldon said there wasn’t money in the budget. They probably could have just moved a desk from somewhere else in the university.

Haha, Howard just got Penny to open her door by using a recording of Sheldon saying “Penny” and knocking three times.

8:11pm – Howard wants to know if Bernadette asks about him. Penny says yes and that she’s not seeing anyone. Howard once again won’t say what happened between the two of them.

Uh oh, it apparently involves World of Warcraft and characters having sex with each other. Apparently Howard hooked up in game and Bernadette walked in on them doing the “cybernasty under the bridge of trolls.”

8:12pm – Howard’s defense is that it could have not even been a woman. He wants Penny to talk to her to see if she’ll get back with him. Penny says no and then Howard puts on some guilt about his dad leaving.

8:13pm – Leonard tells Sheldon that Bernadette agreed to meet up with Howard after Penny talked to her.

“Sometimes your movements are so lifelike I forget you’re not a real boy.” – Leonard to Sheldon after Sheldon asks why Leonard is telling him all this.

Sheldon goes into his office, but it’s jam packed because Raj bought a huge executive-like desk with a big old chair and is sitting there with a Cheshire grin.
8:18pm – Sheldon’s not happy with Raj’s desk purchase. Sheldon’s referencing Gulliver’s Travels saying that Raj’s desk is Brobdinggnagian, those were the giants in that book.

8:19pm – Sheldon says that if Raj won’t remove the desk, he’ll do it for him. Not much of a threat there big brain.

8:20pm – “Well titted, look forward to my ensuing tat.” – Sheldon to Raj.

Howard’s meeting Bernadette at Cheesecake Factory. Howard apparently tried diving, but he’s terrified of the ocean and also purchased a boy’s large wet suit.

8:21pm – Penny keeps interrupting. Bernadette is not seeing anyone at the moment. Oh Howard, don’t act like you’ve been seeing anyone. 8:22pm – Howard says the the only reason he ever went to weird online sex things was because he never had a real woman to have actual sex with. Bernadette is offended.

“I was right there in the next room while you were clicking that troll’s brain out.” – Bernadette.

She says it’s his fault they never had sex. She blamed him for not making the move, saying she expected someone with his looks and tight hoochie pants to do so.

8:23pm – Leonard says he heard about the troll from a guy in maintenance who is closer to the troll.

8:24pm – Meanwhile, there’s a veritable war going on in Sheldon and Raj’s office with loud Indian music that Raj hates, a pet bird that Sheldon hates and Nerf guns aplenty.

“I’m going to take her to miniature golf.” – Howard about his upcoming date with Bernadette. “I guess for you guys that’s like regular golf.” – Leonard.

Haha, Howard has Katee and George coaching him on his date with Bernadette in the back of her car. Katee wants him to give her tongue, George says no. This is kind of creepy.

“No no no a lady wants to be wooed, courted slowly.” – George.

8:25pm – Bernadette says she needs to get to know Howard again now, but she seems to like making out with him in her car.
9:29pm – Nice Hal Jordan GL shirt Sheldon. Buy yours here. He’s apparently working on a noxious guess, but Raj says he grew up in india, he’s used to stinky stuff. Raj winds up sparking the flammable gas.

10 thoughts on “Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Hot Troll Deviation”

  1. what’s the name of the tune played during Sheldon’s mood-lighting clip? Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks.

    1. Only saw the episode once (rerun) but I’m pretty sure it was James Last’s version of “A Man and a Woman” . Un Homme et Une Femme by Francis Lai.

      1. Excellent, thanks for the answer Mr. Kitty (never thought I’d write that sentence while coherent). I was trying to figure it out but coming up empty.

  2. No doubt the poster with LINEAGE across the bottom is a Lineage poster. BUT what about the poster to the left of that? Is that a Wonder Woman poster? If so, who is the artist/distributor?

    1. Did anyone have an answer to this? The poster on his closet door is definitely WW, but I can’t find that image anywhere

      1. I got an answer – thank you to CBS Publicist Andrea Ballas. This image is a blowup of an Alex Ross cover from the Justice series. It’s titled Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah.

  3. If you wonder about the blue poster of a blonde, it’s from artist Brandon Ragnar Johnson and says “Blonde and Bound”.

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