The Challenge Cutthroat Episode 3 “Karma’s A Bitch”

Right off the bat, I just found out about TJ Lavin’s recent accident and feel really crummy for bad-mouthing the guy in my previous Cutthroat posts. My thoughts are with his friends and family and I really do hope he pulls through. Good luck man.Now into the drama of the episode, and this one was full of it from really close challenges to team members nearly coming to blows. As the kids say, shit has gotten real, people have black eyes and I’m reminded of Ty’s violent side, though he’s not responsible for any of the aforementioned injuries. The episode starts with the gang out at some bar in Prague and then cuts back to the house where some folks are hanging out in the hot tub. Big Easy comes out and out of nowhere, Laurel starts ragging on him (I liked to the clip in last week’s post). As far as the overarching story of the episode goes, this makes Easy sad and he starts talking to Dan about how hard he’s trying to prove everyone wrong for being too fat to finish the Gauntlet III. This is basically his episode. Oh, but before the Laurel is a Drunk Asshole Show started, Paula told Emily that she’s obsessed with her and the two start making out in the hot tub. This continues while Laurel berates Eric for a bit until most of the hot tub clears out from sheer annoyance. They also probably didn’t want to get any blood on them if Easy unhinged his jaw and just ate Laurel in one bite snake-style. Soon enough we find ourselves at the Challenge, which is called Bed Head and consists of these five bed platforms hanging 40 feet above the water. The idea is that the whole team has to jump from this cliff onto the bed. Once everyone has either made it or fallen into the water (thus getting disqualified), they can start moving to the next one. The beds get smaller as they get towards the end, so there’s a certain amount of planning that goes into who can jump, when and where. Oh, there’s also a rule that says that you have to have your hands off the mat when the next person jumps. So, if you’re pushing yourself up to a standing position when the other person jumps onto the mat, the jumper gets DQed. However, you can grab onto your teammates once they jump to help pull them up.

Since Blue won the previous challenge, they chose the order: Red, Gray and Blue. Red gets Brad, Tori and Dunbar to the first platform with no problems, then Paula falls (no surprise there). Melinda takes a dive too, but it looks like everyone else makes it. There’s no more problems until the last one when Brad yells for Chet to jump over, which he does, but Brad still has a hand on the bed. Chet’s DQed and they finish up at 5 minutes and 40 seconds with three DQs. Gray starts out with what they think is their strongest girl, Laurel, but she totally face plants and falls into the water. Serves her right for being an ass bag. Everyone else but Shauvon makes it onto the bed, but she’s freaking out because she got hurt pretty bad on a high water challenge in a previous season. Abram actually jumps back to land to talk to her, but she’s not budging. I didn’t really get why they were even bothering after a certain point because even without knowing the exact time the previous team took, they should have had a pretty good idea that their time was almost up. Abe can’t convince her to jump and the whole team is DQed. Sarah lays into Shauvon, telling her she’s sick of being on her team and losing because of her. It’s understandable but also a bitch move to make. That being said, clearly she’s up for Gulag noms.

Finally, Blue is up. Ty, Emily and Johnny make it across the first gap, but Theresa bites it. Now, everyone’s waiting for Katie to make the jump, which she does, but comes nowhere near landing it. She smashes her face into the bed and falls into the water which results in not only some sickening POV footage (girl went ass over elbows) but also a black eye for her. The team soldiered on and was doing pretty well until Johnny jumped to a bed while Ty still had a hand down, thus getting DQed. The finished fine after that, but in the end it was the Red team who came through with the victory and got to enjoy a nice meal while the other two teams “deliberated.”

Now, I’ve got a problem with them saying they deliberated and I have an even bigger problem with people on the teams going along with plans they might not agree with. Don’t they get it that it doesn’t matter what you say to someone’s face, that you can vote for whoever you want without repercussions (at least for now, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some twist towards the end where the votes were somehow revealed). If enough people want to vote Johnny Bananas off, VOTE FOR HIM. More on that in a second.

So, it’s “let’s talk about who we’re going to vote for time.” Shauvon threw herself in and asked her fellow Grays to vote for her, so it was just up to them discussing who should go in for the fellas. Somehow Sarah has become the ringleader for this team this episode (maybe Abe is hanging back after blowing the challenge with his failure of a plan last time). She’s very awkwardly trying to ask Vinny to throw himself in, which makes Vinny angry. I don’t like Vinny when he’s angry, not because he’s Hulk-like, but I hate his voice and just want him to shut up. Meanwhile, Blue’s talking outside and out of the blue (no pun intended, no pun removed), Ty says it’s probably between him and Eric, which pisses Eric off because he didn’t fail on this challenge. Johnny tries to say some nonsense about hurt feelings when Katie brings his name up as someone who maybe should go in for getting DQed. For some reason, no one else jumps on this point, even though it’s pretty clear as a viewer that it was his fault and not Ty’s. Dude probably saw that as a possibility and tried to smoke screen. For girls, it’s basically down to Katie and Theressa as the two who fell. I want to pet their foolish heads and tell them he’s not such an asset to their team, but then they’d have to listen to logic and reason.

After the voting montage TJ comes in with the numbers. Blue only voted for two guys: Ty and Eric, with Eric getting the most. I’m kind of surprised that people aren’t throwing random names around. These votes have been pretty damn uniform across the board so far. Emily, Theresa and Katie all got votes but Katie’s black and blue ass (face rather) got the majority. Shauvon was a unanimous winner for the Grays (first time ever, apparently) while Vinny and Luke got the most for their team, not surprisingly. This one basically came down to having rookies prove themselves after they all competed equally in the challenge.

Post voting is when things really heated up. Paula got drunk and started shit talking Johnny which is strange because they’re not even on the same team and she really shouldn’t care. But, hey, the show wouldn’t be what it is without a drunken emotional train wreck. Or three. For some reason Shauvon goes on about loving and hating Johnny, throwing tons of food at him (wasteful), but culminating in what looks like a glass beer bottle that misses him. Meanwhile, in another room paranoid and possibly drunk Katie is yelling at Emily because she thinks Emily somehow planned for everyone to vote for her which, as far as we were shown, wasn’t the case at all. Unwarranted emotional outbursts from Katie are like Double Jeopardy questions on Jeopardy: you’re never sure where they are, but you know they’re lurking somewhere in the background, ready to jump out at you. For whatever reason, Ty jumps in to defend Emily and we’re reminded that he’s just a few cocktails away from battering a woman. He gives her a tiny shove, looks to want to go after her, gives her a mountain of shit and actually does threaten to hit her at one point, saying he only threatens ugly girls. This was on television. Before Katie can rip Ty’s eyes out, Brandon grabs her. Holding an angry Katie is like holding a tsunami, I have no idea how he did it, but Brandon can’t seem to catch a break. Doesn’t have to go into the Gulag for the first time, yet still gets beat on. Then Katie sloppily pours her heart out to him which was kind of touching, but then I remembered that she really started all this nonsense. Girl needs to get right before she’s going to win one of these things, which is essentially what Johnny tells his in the kitchen after she goes off on a tangent about him. Much as I hate to agree with that guy, he’s right.

Before the commercial break we’re teased with some crazy stuff including Johnny with a bleeding eye (for a second it looked like his eye was completely gone, but that’s not the case). Here’s what happened. A big crazy storm was brewing, so the Gulag was canceled and moved to the next day. Instead of stewing in the house again, the producers sent the whole gang down to the bar again. Everything seemed to be going all right and they were leaving to get on the party bus when we see some kind of scuffle, hear a bottle breaking (I’m guessing that was an added sound effect) and Sarah outside saying she knew they couldn’t just leave peacefully. Apparently what happened (there’s no solid footage of it that we’re shown), Johnny was in the bathroom on the second floor when some dude punched him in the head (hence the blood). Johnny claims that he threw that dude down the stairs and then took on his two friends. He says this on the bus, as if the producers asked him to do it or his ego couldn’t stand not announcing his awesomeness for the past five minutes. It’s hard to tell with that douche.

We finally get to the Gulag (Johnny’s fine by the way, as if anyone cares, he got stitches, whatever) and it’s a weird one. TJ rolls a dice and whatever number he rolls, the contestants have to get a much larger dice to the same number within a defined box. The trick is that they can’t touch the ground, so they’ve got to balance themselves while flip/rolling it from where they start off to the box. It looks ridiculously hard, but at least not obviously one sided. The battle between Vinny and Eric is actually pretty epic and comes right down to the wire with Big Easy winning it. Being an ass that no one likes, Vinny is a sore loser and starts throwing insults at Eric who is not having any of it. They do not fight and Vinny is gone. Excellent. Then, Shauvon and Katie are supposed to go at it, but Shauvon up and quits. Oh, I forgot to mention, right before the Gulag, Sarah pulled her aside and basically asked her to throw the Gulag because it would be better for their team to lose her and keep Katie on the Blue team. Shauvon tells the group at the Gulag that she doesn’t want to be a part of her team anymore and is just going to quit, but also wanted to be up front and not throw the mission. Katie’s glad to still be around, but she wanted to actually compete and prove something to her teammates.

The episode ends with Gray now down two players. Sarah says that they’re lean and mean and claims to be happy they lost a strong player because it means that Easy’s still on the other team. I’m all for finding silver linings girl, but you guys are not looking good. Abe’s only going to keep his cool for so long. Red obviously stayed the same as did Blue as far as numbers go, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Eric and Katie start trying to mess with the seeming stranglehold that Johnny and Jenn have on the team. All they’d really have to do is try and get the Ty/Emily pair on their side and they’d have a fighting change of ditching Johnny (you KNOW Ty doesn’t like playing second fiddle to this doofus). For the first few episodes I was rooting for Gray to take it because I like Abram so much, but now I’m leaning towards Chet and Red. I think they might be more stable. Abe really lost the faith of his troops after the last challenge I think. If he could get rid of the Asshat Sisters Sarah and Laurel and somehow still be competitive, I’d be all for that.

When the hell is CT showing up?! Also, why does TJ look so worried/concerned when he shows up at the house in the next episode? These answers and more NEXT WEEK (well, at least the latter).

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