Commercial Commentary: Cut This Kid’s Hair & Give Him Some Baggier Pants

Having a little kid that adults think looks hip saying his parents are dorky and drive stupid cars seems like an advertising fail to me? Were I in the market for a larger car, I’d be insulted, instead, I’m just uncomfortable watching this kid in his ridiculously tight pants talking about cars and hitting on a woman four times his age. It’s gross in a really strange way. Way to go Toyota and the Highlander ad team.

2 thoughts on “Commercial Commentary: Cut This Kid’s Hair & Give Him Some Baggier Pants

  1. I agree, this series of commercials are in EXTREMELY bad taste. I think I have seen 3 different ones….all of them STINK. It’s like Toyota is telling kids it’s OKAY to be insulting and disrespectful to adults UNLESS THEY DRIVE THE CAR HE WANTS. In one commercial he refers to those who do not have the Highlander as Geeks, Dorks and Lame.
    I think Toyota has one hell of a nerve taking that road after PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT STOP THIER CARS. I wonder what name Toyota has come up with for them???
    If Toyota has ANY hope of winning back the AMERICAN public, they should practice some humility and VALUES in thier ads. Just state the facts. Who cares that some snotty kid thinks about a MAJOR PURCHASE???

    1. It just seems like such a strange strategy. They’re basically aiming the ads at kids in, what, an attempt for them to annoy their parents into buying a Toyota? First off, kids only think sports cars and motorcycles are cool and second, what kind of adult would care one way or the other what their kids think about a car? Each one of these commercials nails into my head that I will not ever buy a Toyota, which is a big old fail on the ad department’s record.

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