Jersey Shore Season 2 Reunion Episode

Sorry for the delay in getting this up, but last night’s Jersey Shore reunion episode was fairly inconsequential. Here’s the quick hits as to what happened in the episode.

Everyone but Angelina was there, she apparently opted out of appearing. No one onstage or in my house cared.

The hostess seems obsessed with getting these yahoos to just spout off the catchphrases they’re turning into. Way too much time is devoted to “T-shirt time” and “cabs are here!”

After that Ronnie and Sammi get the spotlight and tell us they’re still together. I thought there was an after show where the two were broken up, but what do I know? Pretty much everyone in the cast thinks they make a shitty couple and shouldn’t be together. Couldn’t agree more. They talk about the letter, but it’s nothing new. JWOWW still thinks she did the right thing. Whatever.

Then Vinny and Pauly are invited up to the hot seat where a big deal is made about them getting so tight this time around. This is only interesting because Mike looks PISSED that he’s not involved. When they bring him up, he talks a big game and says he doesn’t think he got in the way of Pauly hooking up. Pauly’s very nice and agrees with him, which you can tell is BS. Oh, Pauly and Vinny are no longer seeing their Miami girlfriends Roccio and Ramona. Things died down, though Ramona visited Vinny’s family. I think there’s more there than he’s saying. Fame whore perhaps?

Snooki still has a crush on Vinny, but doesn’t like that he hooked up with Angelina. Vinny says he did it to shut Angelina up.

That’s about all that happened. Pour one out for another season of Jersey Shore.

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