Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Apology Insufficeny”

Though Penny was back in a few leg-obscuring shots, she didn’t really play much of a role in this week’s episode. Hopefully that will change with next week’s. Otherwise, Raj, Sheldon and Leonard all got interviewed by FBI Agent Page (Eliza Dushku) to see if Howard’s okay to work on a government project. Hilarity ensues. Hit the jump for the full live blog. 8:00pm – Leonard thinks his lack of confidence has lead to his failure with women. His self assured voice and look is pretty awesome. I bet that would work actually. Haha, it worked on Raj.

8:01pm – Howard’s working on a government project, so the FBI will be talking to them for a backgrond check. Raj doesn’t want to talk to them because he’s “brown and talks fiunny.”

Sheldon doesn’t care for the personal chit chat and just wants to talk about the capybara a rodent the size of a baby hippo.

8:04pm – Raj is reading New Moon. Oi. I’m disapointed. Then Special Agent Page knocks on his door. She wants to talk about Howard, but Raj literally can’t talk to her. Raj goes for some liquor, but it’s empty so he eats some rum cake. 8:05pm – He’ known Howard for seven years.

8:06pm – Raj really tries to prove he loves America, but kind of makes an ass out of himself.

Leonard tells Agent Page he was expecting Mulder and got Scully. She doesn’t get the X-Files reference. 8:07pm – Leonard tries his confident look and voice, but winds up talking about physics and the building blocks of life. He’s kind of coming off as creepy.

“You pop, sparky and buzz e-lec-tric.” – Leonard. He follows that up by telling her he’ll pick her up at 8, then she mentions her huge husband. He didn’t see her wedding ring with his glasses off.

8:08pm – Page knocks on the door, Sheldon answers. She shows him her ID, and he shows his Justice League ID badge, but notes that it doesn’t mean he knows Batman.

8:09pm – He finally lets her in, but still tests her by asking her what the FBI’s motto is. She passes and then he asks about some poop he sent them almost two decades ago that was set on fire and left at his door.

8:10pm – She asks if Howard’s responsible, Sheldon uses a visual aid by showing her the damage Howard did to his Lord of the Rings Blu-ray set.

Howard also changed Sheldon’s WoW handle from Sheldor to Smelldor.

8:11pm – Whoa, Sheldon just told her about the Mars rover thing (from “The Lizard-Spock Expansion”). When she goes back to that it Sheldon realizes he let the cat out of the bag. He tries to backtrack, but it’s not working.

8:12pm – The next day Howard tells them he didn’t get the gig and confronts the guys at lunch. Raj says he got a little drunk, Leonard says he hit on her and Raj might have thrown up on her shoes. Sheldon says nothing.

Leonard thought if anyone would screw things up, it would have been Sheldon. “Well your expectations have been subverted. Ha ha.” – Sheldon.

8:17pm – Sheldon comes out late at night and says he can’t sleep. He tells Leonard that he mentioned the Mars Rover incident and Leonard suggests he’s feeling guilty.

8:18pm – Leonard then tells Sheldon he’s not awake, but that he’s having a guilt dream as demonstrated by the Gorn sitting on their couch. “No Gorn, no. That’s where I sit.” – Sheldon, dreaming.

8:19pm – Sheldon shows up at Page’s office. He apparently complained to her supervisor. He wants to recant his comment about the Rover, even though he won’t say it wasn’t true. Oooh, I like Sheldon’s green, blue and purple Batman symbol T-Shirt, but I can’t find it online.

8:20pm – Oh no, Sheldon just said that Leonard almost gave away secrets. He runs out.

Raj introduces Sheldon to Dr. Tyson, who helped prove Pluto wasn’t a planet (read more here). As it turns out, Sheldon was a fan of Pluto.

8:21pm – Sheldon tells Howard what happened and eventually apologizes. Sheldon offers Howard a high five, but Howard will not accept.

8:22pm – Tyson comes out and apologizes to Sheldon about Pluto and Sheldon tells him to shut up.

Sheldon heads to the Cheese Cake Factory where Penny is bartending. He wants alcohol, though doesn’t know what. Penny pours a shot for herself. “Thanks to computer savy alcoholics, there’s an app for that.” – Sheldon says pulling out his iPhone. He wants a Rosewater Rickey. She just pours him a shot.

8:23pm – “To the metric system.” – Sheldon before taking his shot and spitting it back into the shot glass.

8:24pm – Penny tells Sheldon she deals with failure by drinking. He then says “To drinking” and tries to re-drink the shot he just spit out. Then he spits it back out a second time.

Penny says there’s somethings you just can’t make right. Sheldon references Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek the Original Series, saying it was impossible to beat, but Kirk cheated, Penny notes. They’re both surprised they’re having this convo.

“To James Tiberius Kirk” he says before drinking the shot again and spitting it back out again.

8:26pm – The next day, Sheldon’s trying to reprogram Howard, but it’s not working. Sheldon then gives Howard an SDCC bag with his couch cushion. He’s giving Howard his spot in the apartment. “But you love that spot.” – Howard. “No, I love my mother. My feelings for that spot are much greater.” – Sheldon.

“Oh my god dude, now you have to forgive him.” – Raj. Howard does, then he and Sheldon high five gently.

“I haven’t cried like this since Toy Story 3.” – Raj

8:30pm – Howard’s sitting in the spot and is bestowing it’s virtues. Sheldon can’t take it, asks for and gets his spot back, which wins Penny a bet.

5 thoughts on “Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Apology Insufficeny”

  1. Hi, I just wanted to comment on the “capybara feasts on its own waste” that Sheldon says just as he walks away at the end of the first segment. That capybara eats its waste means that they perform coprophagy. People usually know about rumination in cows, deer, etc. These animals have a complex stomach, and the first section of it is the rumen where bacteria ferment cellulose and make it digestible by the cow. The cow then regurgitates the food, chews it again and sends it back down, bypassing this time the rumen and going to the “normal” stomach where it is digested. Capybaras don’t have a rumen. Their symbiont bacteria ferment cellulose in the cecum, located between the small and large intestine. To digest the products of bacterial fermentation they reingest the feces directly from the anus as they are voided. This phenomenon known as coprophagy was discovered by me (for capybaras it has been known for rabbits for a long time), Emilio Herrera, in a paper I published in the journal of Zoology (London) in 1985 and I am very proud that my discovery was featured in the Big Bang Theory! A video of this is in:

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