Series Premiere: Conan

There was something thrilling and joyful about watching the premiere of Conan O’Brien’s new show on TBS aptly titled Conan. Like I mentioned in my post covering his last episode of The Tonight Show, I remember watching the very first episode of his run on The Late Show WAY back when and was pretty disappointed in NBC. I also felt like I had let Conan down a little by not following his exploits as the host of the Tonight Show more, but I was working at the time and, let’s be honest, you only really matter if you’ve got a Nielsen Box when it comes to rating. Anyway, seeing Conan on a rad-looking new stage with Andy Richter and the Jimmy Livino & The Basic Cable Band honestly made my heart happy. Unfortunately, I missed a few chunks of the show including Seth Rogen’s appearance because things got a little crazy with the Steelers game. I also missed all  but the end of his interview with Lea Michelle, but the performance with Jack White and the Basic Cable Band reminded me of how good the record they made was, plus it showed that the man still knows how to have fun and may have brought a little of what he learned and experienced on the road back to his new show. The bits with the moon, Masturbating Bear as lotto ball chooser and Ricky Gervais’ appearance were all great moments. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for the rest of the week/year/long as I live.

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