Fisticuff Fridays: Blind Fury (1989)

blind_furyWhat better way to celebrate the oncoming weekend than with some asskicking movies? My intention is for Fisticuff  Fridays to be a weekly thing because, frankly, action flicks put me in a good mood generally speaking and this week’s entry certainly did. I had never seen Blind Fury starring Rutger Hauer, but had heard the basic concept from some friends who had seen it and loved it: there’s a blind samurai kicking ass. Sold. It took the film finally making its way to Netflix Instant to get me to actually sit down and watch it and, even though the transfer looked pretty shitty (I don’t usually have a problem with these things, but this one was very cubey) I had a ton of fun with the movie.

The get a little more detailed on the story, Hauer was a soldier in Vietnam who got blown up but didn’t die. He wandered around blind until he found a village that trained him how to deal with his blindness and also how to use a sword, which he eventually combined with a cane before heading back to the states. Once there he looks up his old friend Terry O’Quinn (excuse me, Terrance according to the credits), but only finds his wife and son. Some goons show up and kill the mom leaving the kid (who was the first Hobie on Baywatch and played JT on Step By Step) in Hauer’s care. They travel across the country to find Locke, er O’Quinn, who is being threatened by a bad guy to make some kind of blue drug (or explosive, I honestly can’t remember), hence the goons attacking his wife and son.

There’s the double plot of the kid and Hauer learning to like each other and Hauer reuniting with O’Quinn to kick some ass, both of which work pretty well in my book. Sure, there’s some cheesiness here and there, but overall, I found the movie to be equally engaging and action-packed, especially the sword battle between Hauer and Sho Kosugi over an electrified hot tub. I was kind of struck by how the filmmakers took something very common place and generally considered awesome and turned it into something dangerous and deadly.

I’ve gotta add more Hauer flicks to my queues. I think The Hitcher is the only starring film of his I’ve seen (Blade Runner’s never been able to keep me attention…or keep me awake). Oh snap, he was Lothar in the Buffy movie! Sorry, I got carried away reading his IMDb page. So, that was a pretty damn good start to Fisticuff Fridays. Hopefully future installments will be equally as fun as I rewatch movies I’ve seen or watch brand new ones! Got any recommendations?

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