Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Boyfriend Compelxity”

This week’s episode of Big Bang Theory was surprisingly light on the Sheldon. While Raj and Howard hung out and looked at space thanks to Raj getting to control a telescope in Hawaii, Penny and Leonard acted like they were still dating because her father gave her a lot of trouble for breaking up with Leonard. It seems like things are moving back towards those two getting back together which I am fully in support of, but I would rather they just get together and stay together instead of this enhanced Ross and Rachel stuff. I missed the first minute or so of the episode, so we’ll just jump in where I started. 8:01pm – Sheldon’s giving the pizza guy trouble on the phone for not wanting to take the stairs. Leonard goes to get Penny while, he assumes, the pizza guy spits on their food.

“Do you think they gave Wolverine an adamantium prostate?” – Raj in their discussion of superhero butts. Of course not, the prostate isn’t a bone and the adamantium only adhered to bone. Duh.

Leonard sees Penny’s dad who’s visiting and then lands a big kiss on him before sending him away.

8:04pm – Raj and Howard are getting comics together for a telescope experiment. Sheldon says they don’t have enough for the whole project.

Raj wants to play Indian Monopoly which involves Call Centers instead of hotels, Rupies and the potential for death.

8:05pm – Leonard comes back to tell them about Penny, says “You’ll never guess what happened,” to which Sheldon responded with a very complex time travel story involving flying dolphins.

8:06pm – Howard thinks it could have been a cry for help, that the man was not her dad and holding her for ransom.

8:07pm – Howard and Raj are making fun of Leonard for once again talking about his problems with Penny.

Penny asks to talk to Leonard in the hallway. She explains that she told her dad they got back together because he’s a smart doctor without a police record.

8:08pm – Penny sounds like she dated some real losers.

Leonard wants the fake story about how they fake got back together to be a good one.

8:09pm – Leonard’s all good with the charade. Her dad is Keith Carradine!Dad asks Leonard if he wants to join them for a steak dinner which he agrees to.

Raj and Howard are playing Intergalactic Battleship.

8:10pm – Bernadette shows up. Apparently Raj can control the telescope in Hawaii. They’re just sitting there watching a screen.

8:11pm – Howard tells Raj he can just drink like Gallileo did, he assumes because he’s Italian and would presumably like wine. Howard wants Raj and Bernadette to bond.

Bernadette was trying to remember if she had washed her hands after using penicillin-resistant gonorrhea.8:12pm – Apparently, Penny’s ex Donny tried to pump poop and water into his car. Curtis wanted beer pong in the Olympics.

Wyatt, really likes Leonard. WHY DOESN’T PENNY?!

Wyatt asks Leonard to come in for a nightcap, she doesn’t want him to, so he goes back to his place.

8:13pm – “Aw frickity frack, not this again.” – Sheldon coming up the stairs to see Leonard kissing penny.

8:18pm – Raj, Howard and Bernadette are playing Indian Monopoly. He makes a Sacred Cow joke. Bernadette and Raj make fun of him for always using the same jokes.

8:19pm – Whoa, both Bernadette and Raj do really good impressions of Howard’s mother.

Penny knocks on Leonards door to tell him her dad has been talking about him non stop.

8:20pm – Sheldon wants to talk about changes to the roommate agreement because he thinks they’re back together.

Sheldon says she has plenty of annoying habits they need to talk about.

Leonard says they shouldn’t involve Sheldon in the lie making Sheldon get paranoid that there’s a plot afoot.

If Penny’s to start spending the night again Leonard will need to start an Escrow account.

8:21pm – Raj is drunk and prank calling Hawaii to point the telescope at Scarlet Johansson’s house.

If Raj discover’s something big all he will have to comfort him will be his monkey butler.

8:22pm – Raj apparently lied about hooking up at Comic Con. He hasn’t kissed a girl in a year and is feeling super lonely.

Raj misreads Bernadette who’s just trying to be nice. He goes in for a kiss, but Howard jumps between them and smashes into Raj’s face.

8:23pm – Wyatt’s over at Leonard’s playing Wii fishing. Leonard pushes it too far over the phone and Penny tells her dad she and Leonard have been lying to him.

8:24pm – Cut to Wyatt angrily talking to Penny and Leonard about honesty.

8:25pm – Once Penny leaves the room, Wyatt begs Leonard to not give up on Penny because he wants to see grandkids before he dies and doesn’t want them growing up in a house with wheels. He then fake yells at Leonard to get out. “I’ll friend you on Facebook.” – Leonard whispers to Wyatt before leaving.

8:26pm – Sheldon spent all night working on the Penny specific seciton of the new roommate agreement. When Leonard tells him they broke up again, Sheldon throws the papers in the air and the fall in the apartment like giant, flat snowflakes in a snowglobe. “Do you even think about other people?” – Sheldon before storming back to his room. 8:29pm – At lunch the next day Leonard asks Raj how it went and Raj gets really defensive. Sheldon thinks he was contacted by aliens and was asked by the government to keep it a secret.

8:30pm – “Did you get to play with Raj’s big telescope last night?” – Leonard asks. Then they get super awkward.

“I can believe you didn’t call me this morning.” – Raj

The End.

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