Jersey Shore Commercials About Absitence and Pistachios

I know we’re inbetween seasons of Jersey Shore, but that doesn’t mean our favorite meatheads aren’t still doing their things. These are both kind of old and already made their rounds on the internets, I’m sure, but I just add to throw them on the ol’ blog. First up, The Situation’s abstinence PSA with Bristol Palin when the two were still on Dancing With The Stars at the same time.

It’s pretty terrible all around, but I have a feeling that Sitch is in on the joke and hopefully riding his awful self namedropping all the way to the bank while it lasts. But he’s not the only one and frankly, someone else is doing it better. Take it away Snooks.

She’s making nut cracking look good! I wonder how many testicle jokes she made while on the set or takes that were ruined by her giggling at one in her head. On a different note, commercials like this always confused me because it’s like an advertisement for a food or thing and not a specific food or thing. This isn’t a brand of pistachios, but for the betterment of pistachio kind I guess. They used to do these for orange juice all the time when I was a kid. Ah well, good for her.

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