Just Finished Trying To Read Nth Man

Wow, what a weird comic book. Written by Larry Hama and mostly drawn by Ron Wagner (with one fill-in by Dale Keown), Nth Man promises to be a book about “the ultimate ninja” but what do we get instead? A ridiculously confusing and boring book about a psychic ninja who doesn’t use nearly enough ninja skills, his dentist/father figure/assassin trainer, a female green beret, a Russian woman who alternately wants him dead and also works with him and a reality shaping villain who spends a good deal of the 16 issue series which was published between 1989 and 1990 appearing as Galactus. I picked most of these issues up for what I thought was a steal at a hotel ballroom comic show near my house where I bought comics by weight and really wanted to like this book. While I’ve never really gotten into Hama’s Marvel G.I. Joe comics, I still wanted to like this book and, hey, it’s supposedly got the world’s greatest ninja fighting in World War III so it should be great, right? Well, not to my mind. It’s muddled and confused (what’s the deal with WWIII?) plus the inclusion of the reality-altering villain just makes the whole thing weird. I stopped reading about six issues in, but I got the feeling that only two people in this version of reality have super powers. Why’s that? What makes these two so important? I had too many questions, not enough answers or enjoyment and just flipped through the ten remaining issues. At least there’s some great comic book ads in there to post over on my Tumblr page and maybe I can sell the books on ebay or pass them to a friend who’s interested, against my fair warnings.

I know this book has it’s fans. Any of them reading? What do you dig about the book? I freely admit it has a lot of potential and the very basic concept of a super ninja fight in WWIII would make for a great movie or possibly a Marvel MAX series.

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