Casting Internets

Check out this comparison I wrote of the old and new Thundercats for MTV Geek. I’m super psyched for this show and the toys.

Aw bummer, just as I’m getting into the White Stripes, they announce their break-up. Luckily I’ve still got some of their records I haven’t absorbed yet. (via Rolling Stone)

My buddy Alex Segura talks to Robot 6 about comic book PR. Dude knows his stuff.

I found a new blog I love called Crucial VHS! Enjoy the schlock.

Carlton Cuse muses on life after Lost over at the New York Times.

There’s almost no news in this /Film piece other than that Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to do Fletch movies. As a long time fan of the two Chevy Chase movies and the three books I’ve read, I’m pretty in favor of this. The more Fletch the better!

Whoa, go look at this. talks about getting some auteurs in video games, comparing them to movie directors. I’m firmly in favor of that idea, but disagree with the idea that a video game director might need to know how to program. Movie directors don’t need to know how to do everything that goes into the movies they make. That’s the beauty of being a director.

Bloody Disgusting says there’s the sequel to The Strangers, a flick I dug, might start filming this year. I had no idea this was even in the works, but it sounds fun.

Have fun flipping through Gadget Lab‘s gallery of vintage posters. Fun stuff.

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