Casting Internets

I’m sick today, so this will probably be the only post I do today as my pounding headache makes typing more of a chore than usual.

I wrote a bunch of stuff for MTV Geek this week that will be going up in the next few days including this week’s Crossovers We Want To See mixing various zombies and a look back at other replacement Fantastic Four members!

I also talked to super great guy Fred Van Lente about his Five Favorite Avengers for I think he might be the first person not to include Hawkeye.

Finally, check out my TV column while it’s still mine.

Wait, what? Did this really happen? Bob Mitchell, tell me what’s happening?!

Guy Ritchie doing a Cannonball Run remake? I’m not his biggest fan in the world, but a remake of one of my favorite movies could be fun if whoever did it matched the huge and excellent cast from the original. (via /Film)

I have an undying love for the song “Yellow Submarine” even though I’ve never seen the movie. I would definitely consider buying this $20 shirt from Go Ape Shirts. (via Shirtoid)

James Kochalka
and I have very similar thoughts on mail.

My buddy Sean T. Collins reviewed All-Star Superman, a favorite comic of mine from the past few years (decade?).

I’m very curious about Dynamite’s Kirby: Genesis project. I like Kurt Busiek a lot and I used to like Alex Ross a ton, but I don’t think his current pastel phase will work for the bright and bold worlds Kirby created. (via CBR)

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