Digging Double Oh Seven: James Bond Jr. Weekend

Since I will be traveling to Ohio this weekend for the first of many baby showers, I’m going to have to skip James Bond movie reviews for a few days. To keep up the run of DDOS’s though, I decided to write about one of the stranger aspects of the Bond legacy: the 1991 animated series James Bond Jr. which isn’t about Bond’s son, but his nephew. The series spawned a series of action figures, an NES-era video game, a comic from Marvel and a series of novels (look for posts about these later in the weekend). Bond finds himself enrolled at a boarding school called Warfield Academy where he meets fellow students geeky IQ (Q’s grandson), surfer dude Gordo Leiter (Felix’s son) and Tracy, his love interest. The kids soon find themselves at odds with a villainous organization called SCUM (Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem).

Sure, it’s a silly 90s animated series with an amazing number of cliches and familiar characters (Tracy’s best friend Phoebe has more than a passing resemblance to Irma from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and now that I think about it Tracy looks kind of like April, no?) but the first episode has some fun moments. That opening chase scene is better than most and how cools is his flying Aston Martin?

I’m also impressed that the story revolves around SCUM using an electromagnetic pulse to hold Britain’s computer information hostage. I doubt a lot of cartoons of the day were using similar ideas. Anyway, I’m sure the show wears on the nerves after a while with quips upon quips and the usual inanity that comes from most 90s cartoons, but I’d be interested in watching more of the 65 episodes on Netflix Instant though, to be honest, odds of me actually paying for something like this would be pretty low as I’m sure the rewatch value isn’t there. Anyone else watch this series or have any memories of the tie-ins?

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