Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Toast Derivation”

As regular readers noticed, I didn’t blog about last week’s new episode of BBT. Sorry about that, but the missus and I were getting much needed haircuts, eating dinner and then getting packed for our trip to Ohio that weekend. I’m assuming that the episode reintroduced Raj’s sister Priya and rekindled her relationship with Leonard which got back to Penny who somehow revealed her lingering feelings for Leonard to Bernadette and Amy. It doesn’t sound like the previous episode was a game changer, but it does seem like a lot happened. Hopefully the episode will still be on CBS’s site and I can get caught up. Anyway, tonight’s episode picked up with Leonard telling Sheldon he was heading over to Raj’s to eat with him Priya and Howard. This instigates an argument between the two about the definition of a party. Sheldon says that five people eating is a party, but not when it’s at their house because they don’t have parties. The dynamic duo head over to Raj’s where he and Priya made Tex-Mex and margaritas, which Sheldon can’t seem to wrap his head around. Sheldon leaves the party and heads to The Cheesecake Factory where Penny’s tending bar. He orders a water, neat with an umbrella in it. While sitting there Amy calls him and drops the knowledge bomb that Leonard is the nucleus of the group, not him, even though he’s the most fun person Amy knows. The next day, Leonard’s heading over to Raj’s again, but Sheldon informs him that he’s having people over: his nemesis from the university Barry Kripke, Penny’s ex Zack and Stuart from the comic shop. LeVar Burton was also invited via Twitter. Once everyone’s there and it’s deemed that Burton’s not coming, Sheldon says they should go around and introduce themselves. Barry says he’s there because he was told there was a raffle (it’s at the end of the party and you have to be present to win), Stuart’s there to use their shower and Zack has trouble answering the question. After Sheldon tries to get them to play Colecovision, Atari or text based computer games Kripke says he’ll get his karaoke machine, Zack will get more beer and Stuart goes to take a shower. After that it’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”Meanwhile, over at Penny’s house, she’s hanging out when Bernadette and Amy show up in an effort to get her out of the house and to think of something aside from Leonard getting with Raj’s sister. Their idea is to go dancing, hence the little red number in the picture above. Bernadette and Amy seem really curious about attracting a guy at a club, bringing him back home, biting his butt, doing a few other things and then kicking him to the curb the next day. Penny says it’s okay, but Bernadette wants some of that. Amy recommends getting an electric toothbrush if she remains single for a while. Over at Raj’s house the gang realizes something unexpected: they miss Sheldon and his random bits of information (like that the Romans put toast in their wine which is why it’s called a toast). Just then, Sheldon shows up because his other friends weren’t having fun right and lets Priya know that she didn’t actually make chili because it has beans in it. At the very end, LeVar Burton shows up at the apartment to see Zack, Kripke and a still-in-a-towel Stuart singing “Walking On Sunshine” but disappears before they can see him cursing Twitter as he leaves.


“Indians making TexMex, we might as well have had Chinese pizza.” – Sheldon

“We’re like hippies at a love in.” – Sheldon when told to sit anywhere at Raj’s.

“Don’t be needy bestie, that’s probably what drove Leonard away.” – Amy to Penny after saying people thing she’s pretty fun.

“Yo P-dog.” – Amy, showing up at Penny’s.

“That should display enough of your bosom to attract a healthy man or a hungry infant.” – Amy to Penny after selecting the red dress.

“I think it’s like Beetlejuice, we said his name too many times.” – Howard


Overall, this is a pretty fun episode. I like Sheldon’s alternate friends and hope they stick around for a while. It also seems like the writers have figured out a way to make Penny and Leonard interesting without having them together, though I would still like to see them get back together, especially if it devolves into a Penny/Priya catfight.


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