Old Navy Wants You To Hate Them

That’s the only reason I can guess why they would make such amazingly annoying and awful commercials such as these. The first one, with the song (sigh) “Super C-U-T-E” by something called Audio Threadz entered my consciousness last week much to my chagrin. Aside from being a punch-worthy song, just look at the singer chick’s two yahoo cohorts. Don’t they look like Deelite rejects?

Well now “Old Navy Records” (sigh again) wants to assault your senses with another track called “Welcome To The Ankle Show” by Cherrie And The Stems. At least “Super” could be a song on it’s own, on the radio or whatever (I hope that never happens) but this is a song about ankles. Seeing as how it’s probably not aimed at the Amish, I don’t think this one would be a hit.

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