Casting Internets

It’s been a while, so get ready for a tidal wave of links.

Hey look, some website called MMERadio thinks it’s okay to steal my shit WHOLESALE off of without linking back to where it came forms or paying me. Classy.

In more fun news, I had a wonderful time playing Famous Objects From Classic Movies–essentially movie-based hangman–until I hit this one and was completely confused. What does that image look like to you?

There’s a new Destructor story starting up today. And I mean fully new, not just new to the internet. Check it out.

Check this out, Tom Spurgeon’s interviewing folks over on, starting off with Matt Fraction.

$0.99 for a 100 word poem? Eh. Oh, it’s written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Jim Lee? Color me curious. (via Vertigo)

Dig this Street Fighter-themed turn on Failbook. Funny stuff.

Instructables tells you how to make one of the few chocolate candies I love, Cadburry Creme Eggs.

I’m a big fan of Jason Horn’s Shelf Porn over on Robot 6. I’m jealous of his Super Power collection and the space he has to display them and his original He-Man toys!Dave Perillo tackled MASK and VENOM for a commission. Holy crap they look awesome. Click through to see the VENOM piece.

Chris Mautner’s Seth-based Comics College was pretty informative. This column is an excellent resource.

Have you guys been looking at Eli Kochalka’s Monster Attack as posted by his dad James on American Elf? What a rad thing for a dad to do for his kid.
There’s just too much cool Doctor Who art out there like RedBubble‘s T-shirt mashie of the band The Who and the Doctors. (via Shirtoid)

Tobe Hooper might be directing a haunted house movie called Djinn. I don’t know, you guys. Dude earned a career’s worth of good will after making one of the three greatest horror movies of all time, so I want this movie to be good. I just don’t know if it’s possible. (/Film)
Oh man, that Charlie Sheen is completely out of his mind. At least it’s lead to a funny Tumblr called Sheen Family Circus. (via Spurge)

You want to know when you’re screwed? “The ‘Kryptonian killing machine’ has come for Eradicator and only the Outsiders stand in his way.” It was nice knowing you, Outsiders. (The Source)

Finally, I agree, this is how Harry Potter should end. I actually had a lengthy conversation with my wife about this. She used a lot of magic excuses. (via IHC)

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