Real World Watcher: Las Vegas Episode 4 “Three Hookups And A Break Up”

Hey, everyone, Nany kind of sucks. It became clear to me while watching this week’s episode that she went out to Las Vegas looking for any excuse to break up with her boyfriend. Judging a relationship from the outside is impossible, even moreso when it’s on TV and you only get to see one person taking about it, but it seems like Nany was the bad one in that pairing and Jordy was the good one. I’m jumping the gun again, though. The episode kicked off with Leroy talking about how Adam is clearly pushing Nany to break up with her boyfriend. While Adam and Nany go grab some breakfast, that’s the topic of conversation for the other roommates and Leroy’s opinion seems to be the general consensus. While eating their meal (I’m guessing they get to eat free as long as they’re in the Hard Rock casino) Adam talks about how hard it is living with someone he’s so attracted to who has a boyfriend. Nany replies that it’s equally hard for her and that she feels so alone in the house. Really?

The Adam and Nany stuff acted as bookends for this episode, so I’ll treat them thusly. The other big part of it revolved around the growing realization in both the roommates and then the viewers that Dustin is kind of a self-absorbed, ultra-competitive jerk. We get to see this side of him when the gang decides to go go kart racing. Dustin is PSYCHED and wants to make sure everyone’s wearing the right gear (Mike takes it a step further and gets to wear a racing suit that apparently President George Bush also wore, but that’s mostly in fun). Once at the place, Dustin gets way to serious about it all, getting really frustrated when the others screw up and tantrum throwingly pissed when Adam sneaks by and gets to drive the checkered flag around the track. You’d think his life was on the line with how pissed he got, acting like an upset child.

After that, there’s a collection of scenes that add to various puzzles being put together. Adam’s seen talking to his girlfriend on Skype (which the other roommates can see on the TVs), he even introduces her to Heather. After that he acts all awesome and tells her and Nany how he was two timing her. They’re both pretty disgusted by the story, but he says that’s just how he is, that all guys cheat and that Mike is abnormal for not being a louse. This should have been the moment where it became crystal clear to Nany that Adam is a douche not to be trusted or liked, but alas that would not prove to be the case. She got on the phone with Jordy after this and it didn’t go well, he said he should be in the back of her mind at all times, which set her off for whatever reason. This is when I realized she wasn’t into her dude anymore and was looking for excuses to ditch him.

We’re then treated to yet another club night. Now that I know how much of a crazy person Adam is, each club night is like a powder keg waiting to go off. Will he freak out this time? Will he get dragged out of the club? Will he get kicked out of the hotel? But, that also wasn’t in the cards. Instead, there was dancing, Leroy declaring his intentions to have sex with Naomi (also saying that Heather and Nany are off limits, which is interesting because he kind of hates Adam) and Nany flirting with a busboy. The next day, her boyfriend calls and asks who this dude is. She gets pissed and hangs up on him, going out and asking her roommates who told him. As it turns out–and Adam posited–he actually went into her email, saw it and then deleted it and even admitted it.

From there we’re back to more Dustin is kind of a jerk material. Mike points out (to the camera) after a discussion between him, Dustin and Leroy that Dustin doesn’t really listen to other people when they talk about things, nor does he really listen to advice after rambling on about his situation with Heather. I’ve known people like that and it’s incredibly annoying. You’ve got to figure it out and just stop giving advice at some point. From there, the roommates go do their work for the day, which involves getting an event ready for the Professional Bullriding Tour. Adam tells everyone who he sees that he wants to ride a bull and finally gets the chance and then, all of a sudden, Dustin wants to ride one too. Mike and Leroy both tell the camera they weren’t surprised when they saw this in the slightest. Adam rides for a little under three seconds and Dustin doesn’t even last two, plus he gets hurt. Back at the house, Mike and Dustin get into an argument about something I couldn’t figure out and then Mike calls Dustin self-absorbed, saying that he only ever wants to talk about himself, doesn’t seem to care about the roommates or want to learn about them and that he always needs the spotlight on him. I have to say this again, but I was shocked at the set of cajones Mike has on him. You’d expect him to be this meek dude, but when he’s got an important thing to say, he’ll say it and make sure you hear it. Dustin definitely heard him.

Heck, Dustin even seemed a little broken up by the accusation when talking with Heather about it after running away from the confrontation. She pointed out that she thinks a lot of the negative feelings for him stem from the go kart experience. He keeps talking about other nonsense and then she also points out that he doesn’t listen to other people when they talk. He doesn’t really seem to grasp the concept, but he does apologize to Mike while out at dinner. Mike doesn’t really seem to buy it in my opinion, but I guess we’ll see. I think they’re both realizing that they’re not nearly as close with one another as they might have originally though, but again, I give Mike huge boatloads of credit for being real with his roommates on the regular. You almost never see that on reality TV or, hell, reality.

And then we’re back to another club night. Nany’s bitching about how hard it is to be in a house with someone she likes so much. Earlier in the episode a bunch of roommates were complaining about the Dustin and Heather thing, but I think the Adam and Nany debacle would be far more annoying to me as a roommate. Anyway, she gets drunk and starts getting all up on Adam at the club. They head back to the house and one thing leads to another and they start to hook up even with Adam continually asking if she thinks she’s making a mistake and the like. With such smooth talk, it’s a wonder they didn’t hook up sooner. Meanwhile, Leroy tries to call a bunch of girls to hook up with but Naomi’s already crawling into his bed and calling for him. Mike’s in the living room reading this whole time and explains the situation to Dustin. He even asks Dustin to go hook up with Heather so he can say he was up while all his roommate were banging each other. Pretty funny stuff. Surprisingly Dustin says no, but he does answer the phone and tells Jordy that Nany’s being a good girl.

The next morning, Nany’s talking about how she screwed up and decides to break it off with her boyfriend. She calls him up and tells him that she hooked up, but did not sleep with (well, figuratively) Adam. Jordy unloads with how he has done nothing wrong, mentions marriage and sounds genuinely heart broken. I feel for the guy, he got played. As she’s crying, we see Adam talking to the camera, telling us that this is exactly how he planned it and seems incredibly proud of himself. Man, this guy is a doucheburger with extra ass cheese.

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