Blogging Big Bang Theory Season 4 “The Zarnecki Incursion”

I’ve missed Big Bang Theory lately thanks to a mix of reruns and errands keeping us away from the house. This seems like a really strange TV season in that new episodes have been very scattershot ever since Thanksgiving. Anyway, I had fun with tonight’s episode which was split between Sheldon dealing with a hacker who stole all of his in-game World Of Warcraft stuff and Penny dealing with seeing Leonard and Priya together. The episode kicks off with Leonard returning home to see Sheldon in hysterics talking to a police officer about something being stolen. It soon comes to light that it was his WoW account that got hacked and everything he had spent 3000 amassing was now gone. The cop leaves because, well, that’s not what cops do and Sheldon’s left waiting for his friends to get done with baths and other activities to come over and help him figure out what’s going on.

Sheldon really got to shine in this episode as everything was all about him, but without his friends getting annoyed with him, something that rarely happens. They’re all on his side, trying to figure out what’s going on. Penny even brings Sheldon a day-old cheesecake to help ease the pain. She passes Priya on her way back to her place where she soon finds herself complaining to Amy and Bernadette about having Priya’s relationship with Leonard rubbed in her face over spiked ice cream. There’s a great moment where Penny offers Amy Khalua on her ice cream and remembers her mom telling her about peer pressure. She agrees to the taste and announces she’s drunk after one bite. Mayim Bialik is such a perfect fit in this show now that they’ve established her as friends with Bernadette and Penny. Bernadette and Amy decided to be mean towards Priya partly because they’re friends with Penny and partly because it’s what primates do.Back in the boys’ apartment, the guys are assembled to help Sheldon get his WoW gear back. Raj offers to let his lady character have sex with someone to get information about who the thief is. Priya’s none too pleased to be waiting for her boyfriend to play a game with his friends and takes off. 

Next, the boys head to confront Todd Zarnecki after Howard discovers his true identity (and after they stop  by his house to watch Wheel Of Fortune with his mom, though she’s not in the room, of course). They drive down, rocking out to a quest music CD Raj put together, hit traffic and finally get to his house. Sheldon even brought a Bat’leth which I’m ashamed to say I knew right away, though thankfully didn’t know how to spell correctly. Todd’s kind of a giant nerd who refuses to give Sheldon his stuff back and swipes the Klingon weapon, closes the door and the guys are back in the car. Leonard’s car breaks down, so they call Penny to come get them (he lied to Priya and told her he was working late). Penny first notes that Leonard’s lying to his girlfriend and then heads back to Todd’s house, kicks the giant in the junk and makes him swear to give Sheldon his stuff back.

All in all, the episode isn’t really important in the greater sense of the show as an overall story, but it was still really funny and balanced the stories and characters well together, no small feat considering this episode had nine important characters all with their own jokes and beats. Well done all around.


“They took my battle ostrich.” – Sheldon. “Oh, no, not Glen.” – Leonard.

“Can you at least point me in the direction of a rogue ex cop?” – Sheldon.

“There’s not enough chamomile tea in the world to quell the rage in our heart.” – Sheldon.

Penny explaining she had to carry Leonard when they were dating and she had to drag him to the beach. Bernadette one-ups her by saying that Howard almost burst into flame like a vampire.

“Drunk” and surly Amy.

Priya and Penny walking up the stairs in awkward silence.

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