Awesome Poster, Terrible Movie: Ninja’s Creed

Okay, so the poster is more of a DVD box and it probably doesn’t actually verge into “awesome” territory, but this image for Ninja’s Creed along with the fact that Pat Morita and Eric Roberts have roles int it, was enough to get it played on Netflix Instant. Personally, though, I think this non-Photoshopped version of the image is a lot cooler.

Anyway, I like action movies and low budget movies and movies about ninjas so this should have been right up my alley right? Of course not. I got duped. Morita and Roberts have very small roles, the story is actually about some soldier trying to find the last mystical child of some guy blah blah blah. I missed most of the voiceover in the beginning but involved him dressed like a Roman soldier in modern times watching jets bomb mountains. The action’s pretty weak and the film suffers from bad editing and stiff acting. Plus, the main character guy seems to have either been completely dubbed one of the worst actors of all time. It’s hard to tell. Oh and I have no idea who the titular ninja is supposed to be. Is it the guy or the woman trying to kill the girl? At this point I don’t care enough to find out.

I made it through 35 minutes of the movie before turning it off. Sure it sucked but it gave me an interesting idea for a new blog post idea that I’ll hopefully get around to in the relative future.

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