Casting Internets

My buddy Ben Morse discusses his history with Justice League comics. I think we might have had the same introductory issue, the one that tied into the Death of Superman.

I loved Esquire‘s interview with Norm Macdonald, one of the most underrated comedians of the past few decades in my opinion. I learned two things about him that I didn’t know before: 1) he used to write for Roseanne, a favorite show of mine and 2) he’s got a sports show coming up on Comedy Central.

Dammit! I wish I would have known that there was a Welcome  Back Kotter reunion on Good Morning America recently. I would have watched that in a heartbeat. (via Pop Candy)

I’ve gone on record as being a big fan of the 70s Wonder Woman issues where she’s just a regular person wearing white jumpsuits (here, here and here), so I’m curious to see Dennis O’Neil return to the character with DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman – The 70s #1 (you think that title’s clunky enough?) with artist J. Bone. Should be interesting. (via The Source)

I’ve owned Music From Big Pink for years and still don’t know if I like it, but reading Rolling Stone‘s story about the Band from 1968 and said record was pretty interesting.

If anyone has an extra $400 and wants to buy me one of my dream guitars from Musician’s Friend, I would be very grateful.

I heard Edgar Wright talk about making collage videos like Gun Fetish when he talked to Kevin Smith on his Smoviemakers podcast, so I’m glad /Film posted the actual video. Excellent use of “Happiness Is A Warm Gun.”

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