Live Blogging Real Housewives Of New York Season 4 Episode 2

Woof, tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives Of New York was another rough one. Alex kept sticking up for herself both when she should have and when she should have chilled out. LuAnn showed herself to be the stuck-up mean girl she really is. Ramona was Ramona. Sandy’s okay I guess, I’m still not sure yet. Jill and Kelly have been pretty non existent so far, but I don’t think that will last long. And finally, Sonja kind of sickens me with how full of herself she is. I don’t know if there’s a hero in this season or even a victim to really root for kind of like Bethenny was last season. Ah well, hit the jump to read the live blog. I’m trying to figure out who the hero of this season is. So far, Sonja thinks she’s hot shit and decidedly didn’t, LuAnn’s the conceited mean girl, Ramona’s the same, Kelly has been pretty non existent, Sandy’s okay I guess, Alex thinks she’s the truth police and Jill seems up to her same tricks, but this time she’s not so much the bad guy.

LuAnn heads over to Sonja’s to get ready for this equality march. Sonja says she’s a gay icon. Really? She’s also apparently the grand marshall of this parade.

Then Kelly shows up. Oh Sonja, you’re SO bawdy. Blech.

And now Alex shows up. Alex says thanks for everyone showing up to support her. Then Sonja says the same thing. Ugh.

Alex tries giving this big long explanation for why they’re wearing wedding dresses (three out of four of them are divorced) and Kelly just says because it’s campy.

Haha, Sonja has lots of trouble getting into her dress because she says she has “a huge rib cage.” Right. That’s it.

Sweet Christmas, Sonja has mentioned being the grand marshall SO many times. She keeps saying how important it is for her. “We’re talking about be being nervous now…” – Sonja.

You take Sonja’s money away from her and she’s that creepy chick at every bar with big blonde hair who thinks she’s hot shit and still attractive to all the young dudes who just want to drink beer and hit on chicks their own age.

Apparently Sonja arranged that, of their group, only she could talk, which means Simon can’t give a speech he wanted to give. Alex and Simon give her shit and she just keeps saying how this is about her. Later Sonja tells the camera that she thinks her friends should be supportive of her.

It’s really weird that they cancelled Simon’s speech for this broad. Also that she can apparently say it’s okay for him to speak and won’t.

It doesn’t sound like Sonja has anything actually planned.

Even LuAnn tells Sonja that this isn’t her day. Kelly practically shouts that they’re embarrassing themselves. Now LuAnn is telling her to chill out.

Wow, what a mess.

Haha, of course, now Jill shows up. Alex gets a dig in, but Alex is just staring at her like a character out of a Tim Burton movie.

Jill explains to Alex that she had never planned on being there after Alex said she was glad that Jill showed up. Ugh, watching people who dislike each other isn’t super entertaining.

Haha, ugh, Sonja’s speech is awful, clearly unrehearsed. She thinks she’s working the crowd, but she SUCKS at it. I literally just slapped my face. Terrible. Now she’s talking about passing a bill and voting for it, but is that what they’re even talking about? That was hilariously awful.

Shoving the five housewives up to the front of the march shouting cheers just looks awkward.

Sandy’s talking to her brother about doing something for their parents.

Sandy awkwardly asks Howie (her brother) about the wedding, but I thought Sandy was there. Apparently, it wasn’t her, it was someone else. Howie is dating this woman Carol who was engaged to her now deceased friend Jeff previously.

Wow, the woman with Howie at the wedding (I’m assuming it’s Carol) looks a LOT like his sister. That is weird.

Now LuAnn, Kelly, Sonja and Jill head back to Alex and Simon’s house. This feels like awkwardness just waiting to happen.

Jill wants to squash this nonsense with Alex. Me too. Alex needs to stop thinking she’s the Truth Police. It’s annoying. Alex talks to Jill about talking things out at a later date.

Alex stops everything to have Simon give the speech he wanted to give. It’s a weird one, but I think his point is that he could have fallen in love with anyone and he just lucked out that it was a woman (Alex).

Sonja’s patronizing her boyfriend Brian as an artist. He seems to be a little afraid of her. He unveils a painting of her that looks kind of like one of the monsters in The Descent. It’s just a rough sketch, though.

Haha, watching her be so insecure is awesome. Who told her she was so hot?

Later, LuAnn meets Sonja for lunch.

“Nobody drinks at lunch anymore, it’s so boring.” – LuAnn. HAHAHA.

Jesus, Sonja’s making SUCH a big deal out of the run in with Alex and Simon. LuAnn says it was annoying. This is kinda bullshit because LuAnn told the camera she could see what they would be upset.

“She found her voice and now she needs to be quiet.” – LuAnn.

Ramona, Alex and Sonja are all heading to a charity event with Mr. Gucci there. Ramona says she didn’t want to invite Kelly because she doesn’t want her to make a scene.

Now Alex is laying the static out for Ramona. Sounds like Sonja could have allowed her and Simon to speak if she wanted to.

Ramona tells the camera that she doesn’t know what to think about the story because she’s known Sonja for a long time.

Haha, Mr. Gucci himself invited Kelly and she came with Sonja.

Wow, Sonja is glommed on to Kelly trying to suck off some of her fame.

Ramona’s freaking out about Kelly coming because she thinks that Kelly wants to sit at their table, but Kelly just explained that she’s not staying for the dinner.

Haha, Kelly’s making a big deal to Sonja about how Ramona’s 8 years older. Yo, Sonja has to be that much older than her.

Kelly doesn’t want to be around Ramona either because she doesn’t really trust her because of all the stuff that went down in St. John. Ramona wonders to the camera why the other women have let this go.

After all that Kelly takes off.

Jeez, now during dinner Ramona asks Sonja what happened the other day at the charity event. It’s hard to tell if they can hear her or if it’s just editing.

LuAnn and Kelly are hanging out with Sandy in the park asking about Sandy’s permanent hair removal boutiques which are going national.

Another night, Sonja’s having a party at her house to show off Brian’s artwork. She makes it sound like such a big deal that she invited Alex.

Sonja goes right to Alex as she walks in and says that this should all be water off a duck’s back. Then she acts like she doesn’t know Simon’s name. Alex doesn’t accept the idea that Sonja was nervous with Simon talking in her ear.

Alex explains herself but Sonja cuts her off. Alex tries to defend herself, then Sonja cuts her off wanting to finish. Wow, Sonja’s argumentative style is ridiculous and circular. Haha, then Sonja tells Alex that this isn’t the time and tries to walk away which is awesome because Sonja brought it up.

Sonja keeps telling Alex to leave. Alex won’t let up. Haha, so weird and awkward.

Oh, Alex, just leave. You’re not going to get through to this lunatic.

“We all love our gays, get over it.” – Sonja.

Sonja literally just keeps saying the same four or five things over and over again and Alex won’t stop trying to defend herself. It’s like yelling at a static-y radio.

LuAnn and Sandy just look at all this awkwardly. Then LuAnn makes some bitchy comment about what Alex was wearing. Haha, now Sonja is trying to make herself the victim to LuAnn and Sandy, but she completely skips over the fact that she brought this up.

How has Sonja been so great to Alex?

LuAnn sounds so foolish talking about this like she knows what’s going on and she really doesn’t. Sonja is so full of shit. I hope they realize this at the reunion.

Back at the party, Kelly shows up and Sonja immediately decides to tell the story again.

Sonja’s clearly wasted as always. Now she’s unveiling Brian’s painting of her. She is awful at talking.

The painting looks pretty good, though the face looks jacked up. Ramona says she doesn’t think it’s the most flattering.

Haha, Sandy said she’d be pissed if her painter boyfriend painted her like that.

On the after show, Sonja doesn’t think she was in the wrong at all and blames editing. Only reality show jerks blame editing. It’s awesome how awkward and possibly high David Arquette is sitting on this show with Sonja and Andy.

4 thoughts on “Live Blogging Real Housewives Of New York Season 4 Episode 2

  1. Sonja is such a crazy person!! She made it all about her at yhe march. “Thanks for supporting me”. No nut job they were supporting gay right. Then shen pulled Alex aside and started the whole thing at her house. She and Kelly need to go to a nuthouse together.

  2. in season 3 i loved sonja! i thought she was the nicest person there. now i think shes just as bad as kelly. what is wrong with those two? and i dont like the new lady.. is it sandy? i want betheny back she was the most genuine person in the RHONY ,
    and also… simon HAS to be gay. and everyone can see that exept alex.

    1. Sonja’s just creepy to me. She’s a self absorbed old lady who thinks she’s both incredibly important and the hottest thing on two legs. I might not be exactly tapped into the New York social scene, but I’d never heard of her before. Kelly hasn’t been so bad this season, but I’m guessing it will get worse. I like Cindy a lot, but think she’s clearly in over her head. I like that she reacts to these things like I would “Whoa, these people are NUTS.” I like Bethenney having her own show, it’s better than all of the Real Housewives put together. I don’t think Simon’s gay, men from different countries just have different socially accepted ways of doing things that might not jive with the ones in other countries.

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