Casting Internets

I was away from the internet for most of last week thanks to the birth of our darling daughter. So, there will be quite a bit of catching up in today’s Casting Internets.

This is the first thing I’ve written since the birth of our lovely daughter Lucy. It’s an interview with Frank Cho and Doug Murray about Image’s 50 Girls 50 for CBR.

Speaking of the birth, I don’t know if it was already planned or just coincidence, but my buddy Rob Bricken posted my list of the 20 Coolest Roger Corman Posters over on Topless Robot on May 2nd, Lucy’s birthday!

I really liked talking to Jim Starlin about Breed III for CBR, great interview.

My buddy Jesse Thompson does it again over at Topless Robot. This time around, the list is about 10 Celebrity Action Figures We’ll Have to Make Do With. I’m a big fan of Scott C’s Showdown blog where he linked to this post of some of his themed pieces. I really love the apes, vampires and werewolves images.

Wired‘s story about AOL trying to get free writers hits close to home as I have occasionally found myself in a place where doing work for free seems like a good idea. It’s an interesting read for sure.

I’m psyched to see the movies Jay Baruchel is writing. (/Film)Only The Young Die Young posted this wonderful picture of Vincent Price dancing with a skeleton. One of the greatest actors of all time and a sense of humor? Well played Vincent.

I don’t know how long it would have taken me to find out about all these Marvel cartoons either being on or making their way to Netflix Instant, so I’m glad Robot 6 told me the other day. Silver Surfer and Incredible Hulk are now in the ol’ queue.

I went to the very first Bonnaroo, so reading this interview with co-founder Ashley Capps on Rolling Stone was pretty fun. However, them noting that this is the tenth anniversary of the Tennessee music festival makes me feel OLD.

I had no idea that Chicago–one of the most underrated bands of the 70s–toured with and played with The Beach Boys. Thanks to Rolling Stone, I know that and also that there’s a new live Chicago record coming out. Good to know!

I also didn’t know Gallery1988 is doing a Wet Hot American Summer art show to celebrate the decade anniversary? I didn’t either, but Jude Buffum told me, so now I do!

Another Rolling Stone piece told me that Steven Tyler declined a gig singing for a group consisting of Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham. Wow…Jim Steranko’s working on a new comic called Red Tide for Dark Horse?!!!! (via CBR)

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