Real World Watcher: Las Vegas Episode 10 “Who’s Your Daddy?”

I was thinking about writing something about this episode of Real World Las Vegas being filler, but that’s not really the case. I’ve been trained to think that only episodes will people fighting or big time conflict between roommates are important, but that’s not how the real world works. Tonight’s episode dealt with one cast member trying to find their father, another falling for someone, two talking about their feelings for each other and two possibly getting over their conflicts. That’s some pretty real behavior. Hit the jump to read the whole sorted affair. As you might expect, this episode picked up the day after the last episode which ended with Cooke and Duncan kissing in the cab after getting hot and heavy at a club. Leroy was also there, so Mike talks to him about it the next day (at Subway of course). Leroy says that Cooke screwed up because things had finally gotten calm between her and the other girls in the house and then she went and did this. It seems like he’s really saying that Dustin screwed up as well, but he doesn’t flat out say that. Cut to that night when they’re all out at the club and Nany says she thinks something happened between Cooke and Dustin. She pulls Cooke aside and asks her what’s up and Cooke tells her! Nany then tells her that she won’t say anything unless Cooke crosses a line and then gets up, Heather swoops in and Nany tells her what Cooke just said. Way to be an upstanding, normal person there Nany. Sometimes it’s good to keep secrets. Back in the room, Cooke tells Dustin what happened and then Heather swoops in (she does that a lot this episode) and gives them both shit. Dustin follows her out and asks why she’s mad if they broke up and tells her that he’s all kinds of broken up because of her. She basically tells them they’re not going to be together and then goes out to Subway with Nany and Naomi who are both judgmental bitches questioning Cooke’s very moral core. Pretty tough talk for someone who fell in love with a douche and a raw dogger. That was mean, but its’ true.A big part of the show revolved around Mike trying to get a lady. The same night that Cooke told Nany about kissing Dustin, Mike was talking to this girl and kissing her. Things seemed to be going well, but then her friend literally jumped in and put her hand between his lips and hers. Mike was trying to get the girls to come back up to the room, left the two girls to talk and the one he was trying to make out with said they’d see him tomorrow. On a different night, he and Leroy went down to one of the bars and for some reason, Mike told this one girl his name was James and he was a coke impresario. It was super weird and the girl could not have given a shit. More on this in a bit.

There’s a kind of funny, also super awkward bit where Cooke goes to lunch with Mike and Leroy down at Pink Taco (I’m guessing it’s in the hotel because they always show the sign). It’s going okay and then Leroy tells Cooke that she’s a dirtbag for kissing Dustin because things were just starting to get better with her and the girls. Mike asks her a few questions and Cooke says she’s wanted Dustin from the beginning. There’s some back and forth about Cooke not caring about the roommates and Mike says it doesn’t sound like she cares about any of the roommates, which she agrees to and then Mike says he understands why they’re angry with her. Later the gang all go to a soup kitchen to help out and eat with some of the kids who frequent the place. Naomi found a girl who was from the same part of New York she was and Nany met a kid who also didn’t know who his dad was. Apparently her dad got locked up for trafficking coke when her mom was pregnant and they never saw each other. Throughout the episode we see her call an investigative firm about finding her dad. Later she talks to her mom who does not seem high on her finding her dad because he could have looked for her as soon as he got out of jail which was a while ago. Towards the end of the show she meets with an investigator who warns her that her dad might not be jazzed to find her. Now, I still think Nany’s an asshole, but all this adds actual levels of interest to her character. It also might explain why she has a thing for bad boys. It’d be pretty wild if she actually met her dad on the show. That would be another pretty big feather in this season’s realness cap. Cooke’s feeling pretty bad about everything that went down, so she pulls Heather aside and they have pretty much the same talk they had before. Heather tells the camera that she doesn’t really trust Cooke, but after they’re done talking, Heather says “I love you,” which shows you how much that word means to her. Cooke’s turning out to be a pretty boring character. She’s either boy crazy and very single minded or a free spirit, but neither of those characteristics are particularly interesting at the moment, especially because she keeps shooting herself in the foot and subsequently trying to fix it. Cut over to a far more interesting story: Mike meeting a girl who seems ridiculously perfect for him. He met her down at the bar and they hit it off right away. They had a later conversation where they compared zombie survival plans. A date between the two of them went really well as did her and some friends coming over to the house. He hasn’t hooked up with her yet, but he says that’s how he likes it, which Leroy respects, even if he might not understand it. There was actually a really fun scene where Leroy, Dustin and Nany all helped Mike get ready for his date and he even commented that it was cool of Dustin to help him out after all the shit he said about him. Good point, Mike Mike. The episode ends with some more nonsense between Dustin and Heather. Throughout the episode, she had been getting up on him at the club and pulling her into his bed after some dancing and drinking. Leroy tried separating them at one point and the girls kept telling her not to hook up with him again. They have a conversation at the end of the episode that I think might mean they’re back together, but I was so uninterested in the will-they-won’t-they nonsense that it slipped past me. Anyone know?Anyway, after writing all this, it seems like an interesting episode. I didn’t even talk about them going to some place and riding some rides or riding a mechanical bull at a bar (which I don’t even remember, but showed up on the picture site TWICE). I must reiterate what I said in last week’s post, this is reaching old school levels of Real World realness which is pretty damn impressive.

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