Real World Watcher: Las Vegas The Reunion

Maybe I’m looking back at these thing with rose colored glasses, but didn’t Real World Reunions used to be at least sort of fun? A regrouping of people who had gone through something strange and possibly important (to them at least) on the other side laughing about what had gone down? Sure, there was that time with Puck but…oh nevermind. This is all a long winded way of saying that most of last night’s Las Vegas Reunion was either painful or boring to watch as host Maria Menounos once again bumbled through awkward questions that were already extensively covered in the season itself. It seems though that this cast has gotten not only less friendly with one another (things seemed pretty happy during the season finale last week) but downright nasty. Mike’s reaming Dustin out for being ignorant, though I don’t remember Leroy or Adam or the girls exactly being geniuses either. Heather’s writing mean Tweets about Cooke instead of calling her and being a normal human being or just not saying anything. The only interesting part of the show is seeing what the cast members are up to now, which is all pretty boring (back to school, back to work, back home) so that’s not saying too much. I’m going to skip the play by play prose run down and just copy and paste my notes here because there’s just not enough of interest to weave into my usual charming gold.

Adam says Nany was just another girl. She wants nothing else to do with him or hear his name again. Later he says he went back to Vegas for her, not for the cameras. Everyone thinks Adam is a famewhore.

Leroy’s back home doing all his old stuff.

Cooke says she went into the show thinking it was just for TV, which is why she was so confrontational and bombastic. This was probably the most interesting Cooke has ever been allowed to be. She eventually realized it was real and chilled out.

Heather’s back at school but switched her major to behind the camera. She thinks her classmates don’t judge her based on the show. I call bullshit.

Naomi wants to be a TV journo. Her and Nany get together because they live an hour or so away from each other.

Now we’re just rehashing the Dustin web stuff. Boring.

Mike has such weird negative energy towards Dustin. I’m going with the “Dustin reminds him too much of his dad” theory for why Mike doesn’t aim this weird serial killer calmness at Leroy, Adam or anyone else.

Adam’s back living with his parents. He’s got a clothing line he’s working on that is lame. I will not link to it.

Cooke works in a nuclear power plant. Damn. She’s girly now.

The roomies also seem confused about why Mike hated Dustin. Some think it’s because he was jealous of Heather, but Mike says she’s not his type.

Nany’s back home working as a waitress.

Mike wants to go to grad school for plant science.

Naomi says friends with benefits with someone you live with is rough, especially when he’s bringing home girls all the time.

Mike & Leroy have friendship bracelets. Mike gets practically giddy when talking to or about Leroy, it’s a complete 180 degree shift from his attitude towards Dustin.

Don’t expect a post about the Shit They Should Have Shown episode. Those tend to be less interesting (otherwise they would have shown it the first time around) and just take up space until The Challenge starts.

Apparently Naomi, Nany and Heather have all sent nasty Tweets out about Cooke, but Heather said something that was the most hurtful. Neither get into detail but it sounds like Heather put something that Cooke had told her in confidence on Twitter. Maria actually calls her out for not just picking up the phone and hashing it out with Cooke, but Heather says she has no interest in being friends with her. Once again, Heather ducks out of the way of conflict by cleverly explaining it away when what she’s really saying is “I’m a child, I don’t want to deal with it.”

I get that at the end of an experience like this, everyone looks upon one another a little more fondly. It’s like graduation in that way. But I was still pretty surprised with the level of tension and animosity on stage. Part of the problem, I would imagine is that you’ve got to go through your problems the first time, while the show is taping, then go home, get back to your life and relive it again when the show comes on. Back in the day, you’d maybe call or email the person or see them at an MTV function, but now you can immediately put out there how you’re feeling via Twitter or whathaveyou which can easily open up old wounds all over the place. I still think this was the realest season in a while, made even more evident by the fact that these people who went through the shit together don’t want to talk to each other.

I just realized, I don’t remember if they said whether Dustin and Heather are still together. Anyone catch that?

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