Casting Internets

UPDATE: I’ve been so scatter brained lately that I completely forgot to plug my new dad blog Pop Poppa. Check it out for all things father and kid-related.

For CBR, I’ve talked to Joe Casey about Haunt, Matt Hawkins about Top Cow, Joshua Fialkov about The Last of the Greats, Kevin McCarthy about Epoch and Enrique Carrion about Vescell.

I also wrote my monthly Five Fave Avengers post over on Last week’s spotlight was on Black Panther writer David Liss and all around swell guy to talk about comics with!

My buddies Zach Oat of Diamond Select Toys and freelance video dude Alex Kropinak put together an awesome video for DST’s M.A.X. MiniMates. I love the M.A.S.K. feel of it!

Jim Shooter‘s account of creating Dazzler is fascinating. Click the link and find out how KISS and Rodney Dangerfield were involved (sorta).

If you’re a comic fan and have been enjoying the behind the scenes goldmine that is Jim Shooter’s blog (seriously, check it out if you haven’t yet), then Ron Marz‘s explanation of how he “was offered” the writing chores on Secret Defenders is also right up your alley.

Roger Daltrey told Rolling Stone that Pete Townshend’s hearing is going. That news makes me sadder than it probably should.

My buddy and editor Ben Morse waxes poetic on the character Jack Flagg. He almost makes me want to read his appearances in Thunderbolts. Almost.

Esquire‘s got Dean Martin’s hamburger recipe. Damn, that dude was slick. I should make these burgers and watch Ocean’s 11 again.

Anthony Bourdain did a quick blog post on Travel Channel’s site talking about the beauty of Cuba. I saw the No Reservations episode and he’s right, it’s strangely alluring and beautiful.

Tobe Hooper talked to about his new book Midnight Movie, which is about an old Hooper movie showing at South By Southwest and turning the viewers into zombies. Eh, I might bite if it’s on a discount table somewhere in a year. Puns!

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