Casting Internets

I talked to Tim Seeley about taking over Witchblade, Jonathan Hickman about Feel Better Now, Erik Larsen about resurrecting Osama bin Laden in Savage Dragon and showed off some exclusive Walking Dead Board Game art by Charlie Adlard over on CBR.

Meanwhile, I wrote a piece about a Captain America comic for servicemen and women at Just writing about it made me feel patriotic!

I even had time to write about a bunch of toys and collectibles for the latest issue of Wizard World.

Congrats to Janet Lee on being nominated for the Manning Award Spotlight. She’s the most interesting new comic artist around and everyone should read Return of the Dapper Men! (via The Beat)

Big Bang Theory fans should check out the full video for the Barenaked Ladies’ video for the show. Fun side fact, I’ve interviewed two people in said video! (via Pop Candy)
In other BBT news, Dean at Springfield Punx just drew Sheldon!

For some reason I thought David Browne’s Rolling Stone piece about the Beatles’ last day was super long. It was only two pages and pretty damn interesting.

I also finally read my first Cameron Crowe article from Rolling Stone. It’s an interview with Neil Young from the 70s and pretty damn good. This one’s been sitting around in the to-read queue for quite a while.

A Black Keys record inspired by the Clash? Hell yeah! (via Rolling Stone)

I really enjoyed reading James Floyd Kelly’s Geek Dad post about building his own video game cabinet. I hope to join his ranks some day when I have the time, space and money!

James Robinson is writing a 12-issue Shade series. Huh. Starman is in my top three all time favorite comic book runs, but Robinson has not been super impressive lately. Besides, how is the Shade–a JSA villains–supposed to exist in this new DC Universe that doesn’t seem to have a JSA? Eh I might still give it a shot. (via CBR)Matt Kaufenberg’s been doing some awesome toy entries over at An Illustration-A-Day Blog lately, I especially like the recent Kid-Vid one, based on the Burger King Kid’s Club leader!

Finally, did you know that character actor Stephen Tobolowsky recorded music with Stevie Ray Vaughan when he was in high school? You can check out proof and the songs here. I found out about this on Marc Maron’s amazing podcast, which you can check out here or on iTunes by search for WTF Podcast.

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