The Challenge Rivals Episode 6 “Blowup”

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an episode of Rivals as much as I did tonight’s. There was weird relationship stuff, a close challenge, an actual rivalry bubbling to the surface between teammates, a plan coming together (kinda), a big talker turning out to be useless, a Jungle victory I was happy to see and, the icing on the cake, The Miz hosting the aftershow with CT, Wes, Evan, Nehemiah, Laurel and Mandi. You know the drill, if you’re curious, hit the jump to see what’s up. Before the challenge kicks off, there’s a lot of flirting between CT and Laurel which of course pisses Mandi off. They’re up in a room together which causes a big uproar with the group. I think it’s ridiculous how up-in-arms and shocked the other castmates get when people start hooking up and bouncing from partner to partner. Are you new to this world? Chill out and don’t act like you’re better than everyone. If any of them put as much effort into playing this game intelligently as they did gossiping about nonsense, it would be a lot more interesting overall. Meanwhile Wes talks with Paula and Ev. He says he’s not afraid of going against CT in the Jungle, but would like to avoid the risk of it. He’ prefer to go against him in the finale and “run circles around him.” Ev calls him on his bullshit and I tend to agree. Wes is scared of CT, that’s why he didn’t go up against him two weeks ago during their idiotic D-Day plan. Evan and Nehemiah also get into a fight before the challenge, showing how smart they are. Speaking of that dumb plan, here’s a recap. The big idea is for any team aside from CT and Adam to win the challenge, then have Evan and Nehemiah throw it and then get everyone to vote CT and Adam into the Jungle. Like Ev said, it’s a dumb ass plan because the only team even potentially able to take them out would be Wes and Kenny, but they were too chickenshit to do anything. Apparently, that plan was back in play with this episode. The challenge itself was called Catch and Release. One team member is suspended on a zip line way up in the air over water. The other one runs and jumps, grabbing on to their partner. The pair then go down the zip line and have to pull this red rope streamer thing to get released. From there they have to swim to a ball. Fastest time wins. Since Jenn and Mandi won the previous challenge they got to make up the order for this one. Mandi didn’t want to make Adam and CT go first because she’s digging on CT, but Jenn took over, being super cutthroat considering she’s still palling around and sleeping with Adam. I’ll say this right now so I don’t have to write it every time, not a single team dropped anyone right off the jump, which I was surprised by. So, Adam and CT went first and went super fast, letting go at just the right time, the whole bit. Jonna jumps at Jasmine, Leroy jumps at Mike, Cara Maria jumps at Laurel, Wes grabs Kenny and Ev jumps at Paula with everyone doing pretty well. Johnny jumps at Tyler, but they let go pretty far away. Jenn and Mandi do fine and then it’s Evan and Nehemiah. They apparently haven’t talked before this challenge about reinstating the D-Day plan, so Nehemiah gets PISSED when they hit the water and Evan asks which way the Jungle is. There’s some heated words thrown back and forth, but Wes jumps in and calms things down (apparently he and Nehemiah are friends). Evan comes off as a total douche, even if the plan was in the works, this seemed shitty. For the girls, Laurel and Cara Maria come away with the victory and the cash. Evan and Nehemiah obviously lost and it came down to Adam and CT and Kenny and Wes as the winners and…….Kenny and Wes won. Seeing Kenny be useless was kind of awesome this season, but even I have to admit that I like seeing Kenny making his one liners again. Dude’s funny if nothing else. Anyway, we don’t see any scheming before the voting which itself isn’t all that exciting as CT and Adam throw their hats in the ring. I’ve got to question, once again the intelligence of some of these people. There’s 9 teams left right now. Only three are going into the finale and only two of those are going to win. Everyone hitching their wagon to the Boy Alliance trail just doesn’t make any sense. I’m especially disappointed in Mike for not making some moves. Or Wes, really for messing around with people on the DL. Cut to the party which everyone seems to be participating in, even the dudes going into the Jungle (actually Nehemiah might not have been around now that I think about it). The main topic of conversation and drama is the CT/Laurel/Mandi love triangle. CT says something mean to Mandi after hanging out with Laurel, so Mandi cries a bunch and winds up in Wes’ bed where it sure looks like they hook up (behind a hung-up sheet, prison style, until Jenn pulls it down). There’s more proselytizing from REAL WORLD AND CHALLENGE CAST MEMBERS including Tyler who says how gross all these hook ups are. I’ve seen that dude fool around on Challenges, he’s just bummed because there’s no more dudes for him to flirt with who will flirt back. Oh, also, even though she claimed to need alcohol (and lots of it) to get with Adam, Jenn is still sleeping in his bed and telling him she wants him to come back. Here’s the thing about this Jungle, I didn’t really think that CT and Adam would lose, but the sheer size and fury behind Nehemiah and Evan did have me a little worried. It turned out to be all for naught though, because the Jungle was called Rail Slide and Adam and CT murdered it. Actually, they had some help from Evan and his show muscles (they look good on TV, but don’t do a whole lot). See, each team was hanging from a bar on a course hanging over the ground. They had to throw their weight and move the bar forward and beat the other team. Evan wound up hanging there like one of those cows that Rocky beat the shit out of. Dude’s completely useless and this is just another example of him playing the conniving side of the game really well, but not being a very good competitor. Those guys would have had a shot had they not stuck to this stupid plan. Well, maybe not with all those show muscles. Huge kudos to Ev for the following quote about Evan: “He looks like a beached whale out there.” I got a good chuckle out of that one. There’s some camera talking where Evan apologize to Nehemiah. It’s all nonsense and that guy’s an idiot. This Jungle actually wound up being a windfall for Leroy and Mike and I hope they use it to their advantage. Maybe Mike’s been quietly plotting and manipulating this whole time. Oh, also, Kenny was tearing up when Evan got sent home. Aww. I’m actually surprised this episode didn’t end with Wes telling the camera that throwing in two fairly strong teams to the Jungle wasn’t part of the plan.

He didn’t even say anything like that on the aforementioned After Show which was hosted by The Miz! There was a lot of rehashing of things we just saw, but I did get a few things clarified. For one thing, Nehemiah was there when the Boy Alliance made the D-Day plan, but he claims they were going to throw in a lot of the rookie teams before that. Evan also claimed he could beat Nehemiah in a fight which everyone found laughable. Nehemiah even challenged him to a boxing match, but Evan didn’t agree, he just talked big. Nehemiah continued to berate Evan for being a chump who just rides coattails which I completely agree with. Kick rocks beefhead. CT also says that he would have joined the Boy Alliance if they would have asked him but they all were afraid of him. There’s also some nonsense between Laurel and Mandi, but they kissed at the end, so I guess they’re okay? Actually, it seemed like everyone was pretty okay with how things worked out except Nehemiah. I’m guessing that Wes won some money because he was kind of beaming throughout the whole thing. That’s all I got.

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