Friday Fisticuffs: This Scene From High Fidelity (2000)

Last week I watched the pretty rad Project-A starring and directed by Jackie Chan which also featured Sammo Hung, but I didn’t take enough notes and don’t feel like wracking my brain too much today. Another flick I started watching turned out to be mind-numbingly boring, so you’ll have to settle for my favorite scene from High Fidelity. I know for a fact that his part in this movie colored my impression of Tim Robbins negatively. Then I started hearing his political bullshit and now I can’t stand the guy. What geeky type person hasn’t imagined telling someone off like this or even causing them physical harm. I still cringe every time I see those teeth come flying out of Robbins’ mouth. Dude gets MESSED UP!

One thought on “Friday Fisticuffs: This Scene From High Fidelity (2000)

  1. Sometimes as a father reading your thoughts – you make me so proud. To know that you can’t stand Timothy Robbins (‘scuse me, I’m getting a little choked up…) so, so proud!

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