Real World Watcher: San Diego Episode 2 “Danas, Derrieres and Drama”

So far this has been an interesting season of Real World because the episodes aren’t so much based around one big kind of conflict. It actually seems like most if not all of the castmates get their fair share of screen time and have a few moments to get their personalities across. It reminds me of an old school season, actually. As such, I think I’ll do more of a bullet point/short paragraph type review this time around with commentary thrown in. If you’re interested, hit the jump!The episode kicks off with a surfing lesson. Priscilla likes how her ass looks in the wet suit and Zach’s nervous because he’s never done anything he’s not good at. Must be nice for him. Sam actually did well with surfing. The cut back to this a few more times as it seems like they take these lessons every morning.

There’s a few vignettes here where Zach calls his friend from home and describes all his roommates, including discovering that Frank is bi and Sam is a lesbian. He feels bad because he was tossing around words like “homo” and “gay” as derogatives. It’ll be interesting to see how this experience changes him. I used words like that in that fashion until a dude I was in a fraternity with called me on it, said it was bullshit and brought my attention to how offensive and close minded that was. Since then I’ve cut them out. Meanwhile, Ashley and Priscilla explain that they don’t have a lot of sex because they feel really vulnerable during or after or something. Oddly enough Zach has an extensive routine to take care of his face. He also shaves his legs. Maybe he won’t have such a hard time understanding alternative lifestyles after all.

After falling in love with Alexandra two seconds after meeting her and freaking out on her for not wanting to leave her boyfriend in the previous episode, Frank apologized to her. He said he didn’t remember much about it, but I doubt that. He also explains that his dad called him the longer F word after Frank came out to him, which clearly shook him up. More on this later.

After Sam and Nate head out to troll for chicks and Sam walks away with a number while Nate gets zilch, they record these loud screams and noises into alarm clocks, program them for early morning and hide them all over the girl’s room. It actually turned out to be a pretty good prank because they all went off at once and sounded like a bunch of hooligans hollering at a soccer game. While out at the club, the continuing flirtation between Ashley and Zach…continues. Meanwhile, Nate meets this girl named Dana who he goes on a moonlit beach walk with and shows her the house. They make plans for the next day and make out, but don’t actually sleep together. Shocking! The next day, Zach drops Nate off at his date with Dana but decides to literally creep and crawl around the restaurant to distract him. Odd dude. Later (another day, I presume) Nate had scheduled another date with Dana, but she calls and cancels, saying she won’t be ready. Apparently this translate to “I don’t ever want to see you again, loser,” because Nate goes out to dinner with the roommates and actually winds up hitting on another girl named Dana. As it turns out–and I believe she mentioned in the first episode–Alexandra is into writing music. You never know what that means with people, though. Remember that girl from a few seasons back who really, really wanted to be a singer, but wouldn’t form a band or perform anywhere? I was assuming that was the case here. In actuality, Alex is pretty darn good. She had a pair of musician friends come over. She very clearly explained what she wanted from both the guitar player and drummer and they complied. Soon enough, she was singing along with them. I admit, it was quite good and I’m jealous of her ability to not only write lyrics, but also know how she wants the music to go. I can do one and the other, but rarely both at once. The roommates were pretty impressed too, because they all (minus Nate who was hanging out with Dana 2.0) came down and listened to her. I think this was probably a huge moments because she mentioned this being one of the first times she shared her art with anyone. I like Alex, I just wish she wasn’t so naive. That part of her is really unappealing. STOP TALKING TO FRANK ABOUT YOUR BOYFRIEND!After Alex’s show, the roommates are getting ready to go out to the club. They want to know what’s up with Nate who’s still on his date, but there’s clearly no chemistry there. Even so, he brings her back to the house. As the roommates are about to leave, Nate catches Sam and flags her for help. Sam shows Dana 2.0 where the bathroom is and while she’s in there, Nate goes out to the car to ask how to get rid of her. Zach suggests he jump into the car. Which he does. Now, not only is this a serious dick move, but you’re also leaving a presumably pissed off person alone in the place you live! Actually, Alex and her friends might have still been there, I can’t remember. For this outing, Priscilla actually gets to go out because it’s 18 and over night. It makes me wonder why MTV even bothers casting young kids. Or, on the other hand, why not cast more than one person under 21 so you’re not clearly alienating just one person. To be fair, she also happens to be a local, so it’s probably not as big of a deal for her, but it still sucks. While Priscilla’s having a good time at the club, Frank gets shot down by a girl and a guy. The others are about to leave, Frank says he’s going to stay, but then he comes to the van where he pushes Nate of seat choice. On the trip back he’s being all loud and calling one of the roomie girls a slut and Nate feels the need to headlock him for a second.

When they get back to the house, Frank’s not feeling good about himself so the guys pull Frank aside for a bro chat. He says he’s never been in a place where he gets rejected. He tells them he doesn’t want to be disregarded because of his sexuality, but they explain that they’ve got his back. Actually they that and then Nate says he’s freaked out by Frank’s sexuality (or maybe just the idea of him having sex, it’s difficult understanding drunk folks), so that happened. That night and the next day everyone’s talking about Frank and how he’s kind of dick when he drinks. Meanwhile, Frank looks distraught in various locations. After going on a run, he asks for a house meeting where he explains that his parents being disappointed and insulting about his sexuality put him on the defensive because, as he said, if your parents don’t love who, how can you trust anyone? It’s a pretty emotional moment and Frank cries. Around this time, Zach tells the camera that there’s only a few times when a man should cry and this is not it. Oi. This is followed by Nate and Zach talking in the bathroom with their shirts off about how they don’t like talking about feelings. Again, it will be interesting to see if these guys evolve and grow in their ideas of sexuality and their acceptance of it. I hope it’s more of a Miz situation where he came in ignorant but also curious, wanting to learn about other cultures. Do kids care about learning about other people anymore?

To add an interesting endcap on the episode, the roomies head to a country bar which is apparently Zach’s kind of place. Ashley–who only really seems there to be a piece of ass, which you get to see almost all of most of the time–gets all up on him and vice versa. Nate rides a bull. Alexandra tells Frank that she can’t see herself with anyone other than her boyfriend. We cut back to Zach and Ashley dancing and the episode actually ends on a good note, which was surprising. I think this is because the next episode will be filled with Nate’s reaction to Frank hooking up with a dude in their room. Overall, I think I liked this episode. With the exception of Ashley who has only revealed that she likes her as and lost her virginity her sophomore year in high school, and Priscilla who really doesn’t seem to have a lot going on (Snooki stand in?), it seems like there’s a lot of potential for these kids to learn from each other and expand their views of the world. I hope that’s the case and not just a bunch of dumb kids (we’re all dumb at that age) sticking to their preconceived notions. We’ll see about that I guess.

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