Last Night’s Shows, Today: Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 3 Reunion Part 1

I look back on the pair of posts I wrote about this third season of Real Housewives Of New Jersey and cringe. Because I’ve been following Teresa’s exploits for two seasons before this and generally liked her, even given her bouts of ostrich like avoidance and dim bulb moments, I automatically sided with her when presented with the conflict between her, her sister-in-law Melissa and her cousin Kathy, who happened to join the RHONJ this season.

I realize now that, whatever has happened between Teresa and her brother, she’s completely unable to see how her actions have made things worse. Absolutely nothing she does is wrong and she never sees where anyone else is coming from. That was made abundantly clear during last night’s reunion. The season finale ended with the women reading Teresa’s cookbook which was filled with insults flung at the other women, which was the first topic at the reunion. Teresa explained everything away as a joke (“You know, ha ha?”) even though she’s never actually displayed even the remotest sense of humor. Ever.

I can see how some people would think the first part of this reunion was a “pile-up on Teresa” kind of thing, but it seems like she’s pretty much burned all the bridges she had on the show. I trust Caroline as a good judge of character, so when she said she wanted to be out of friendship with Teresa two years ago, it was a pretty eye-opening experience. Also, as you can tell by the picture above, Jacqueline didn’t show up and is possibly off the show now. See, they’re filming season four right now, so whatever happened between everyone and Teresa will be on next season, which is interesting because we’ll be able to see it, but annoying because we’ll have to wait until that season airs to see what’s happening!

With all this in mind, I’m wearing thin on the concept of Jersey Housewives. If they got rid of Teresa, I think I’d be fine with it because she’s basically taken the bitchy, manipulative spot previously held by Danielle and that’s not what I like about the show. I initially liked the extended family/friend feel of things, but that’s clearly ruined and will be even moreso during the fourth season which will make us relive all this petty nonsense while also showing us what happened. It’s kind of a double edged sword for me because I’m both sick of the nonsense and ridiculously curious. I’ve been saying this for two seasons now, but just give Caroline her own show and we’ll live in that world for a while. Heck, they introduced Greg this year, he could just sit around making comments and I’d be happy.

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