Casting Internets

I thought I posted these links last week, so these are pretty much all pre-NYCC. Hope they’re still interesting.

I just started writing for Spinoff Online! You can keep up on my posts with this handy author link.

My pal Sean T. Collins is working his way through Mad Men and blogging about it. Check out this post about sex & violence, then look around for the rest!

Another pal Jim Gibbons talked to Robot 6 about moving from marketing to editorial.

TVLine says that Roseanne’s new sitcom Downwardly Mobile got picked up by NBC. This is very good news.

I haven’t seen the Chucky movies, but I’m psyched about the possibility of any horror video game based on a known character. Would be way better if it was Jason, but I’ll take the talking doll, I guess (via /Film)If Phil Noto draws the Beatles, I will link to it.

Flea talked to Rolling Stone about acting in Big Lebowski, Back To The Future 2 and The Chase, fun stuff!

Also via Rolling Stone, Petty Fest sounds awesome.

Archie’s bringing the Crusaders back, which is cool, but even cooler is the fact that they’re doing a Netflix-like subscription format. This is awesome and the others will follow suit soon enough. (via Robot 6)

Finally, I’m really sorry to hear about the passing of Mikey Welsh, one-time Weezer bassist. He played on the first new Weezer record I was a fan for and then went away. Sounds like he had some problems, hope things are better for him now. (via Hollywood Reporter)

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