Casting Internets

Over at CBR, I’ve been busy. I did interviews with Jim McCann about Mind The Gap and Marc Silvestri about Top Cow. I also did a few posts about Image Expo like the re-release of The Milkman Murders and The Red Diaries/The Re[a]d Diaries.

My pal Sean T. Collins wrote about the first and second seasons of Downton Abbey. As always, insightful stuff.

My other pal Ben Morse tackled one of my favorite characters, Guy Gardner, over on Cool Kids Table.

A month ago, Esquire reminded me that Wayne’s World (the flick) turned 20 this year. I first saw it with my grandma in Cleveland. Still dig both flicks.

Google’s going to make internet-enable glasses. This is the greatest idea ever. (via THR)

I dug this Esquire interview with Michael Ian Black. Check it. If you’re a Star Wars fan and haven’t already, go check out Jason Geyer’s Action Figure Insider report on unused Phantom Menace promo ideas. My personal favorite is the Death Star basketball. I would still buy this today.

I’ve long been in the camp that says that language doesn’t just help us communicate but is the backbone of how we experience, interact with and describe our reality, so this io9 piece about how a language’s future tense effects how speakers thing about the future is pretty fascinating.

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