If You’re Having Jersey Shore Withdrawl, Check Out VH1’s Pop Up Video Version

For some reason, out channel guide is on the fritz again. So, while flipping through channels, I was surprised to land on VH1 and see that Pop Up Video Jersey Shore is a thing that exists in the world. I was pretty excited, especially because they started off at the beginning of the series. It’s kind of amazing going back and watching these somewhat fresh faced kids who were being more of themselves and not the characters they would become with the added bonus of seeing all kinds of extra bits of information.

And the bits can be pretty interesting. I learned that, before filming, Ronnie spent two hours a day practicing his dancing in front of a mirror. Also, Jenni originally auditioned for a different reality show: Paris Hilton’s New BFF. Speaking of Jenni, she hated Snooki at first. That last bit of info leads me to another aspect of the show I appreciate: it’s surprisingly honest (assuming the information is true, of course). There are plenty of unflattering things revealed about the stars, their opinions of each other and how the crew felt about them.

So, not only do you get to see these kids in their younger days, but also get a nice dose of reality popped in there thanks to my personal favorite form of written information on television.

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