Commercial Commentary: This Lady’s In All The Commercials

I don’t watch nearly as much TV as I used to and yet I still find myself recognizing the same actors and actresses in commercials over and over again. One woman happens to appear in roughly half the ads on TV and her name is Melanie Paxson/Melanie Deanne Moore. Here’s a sample of her work.

She’s also in a Fiber One bar commercial right now that’s actually pretty funny, but doesn’t seem to be posted on YouTube. It’s the one where the husband finds out his wife has been passing Fiber One bars off as her own baking. She was also on the show Cupid in the late 90s which I really liked, but don’t particularly remember her from as well as a lot of other parts. Next up? The guy in the ski cap with the long hair and beard, I just have to remember what else he’s in…



One thought on “Commercial Commentary: This Lady’s In All The Commercials

  1. I know, right? She’s in all the commercials! I actually do remember her from a show called Notes From the Underbelly a few years ago…I LOVED that show! It was hilarious & she was so, so funny in it. I hope she gets another show soon so she won’t have to keep doing commercials.

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