The Challenge Battle Of The Seasons Trailer Revealed

I’ll be taking a bit of a break from blogging this week, but I just saw this trailer for the upcoming season of The Challenge called Battle of the Seasons and just had to talk about it. It’s funny that this news broke today because literally an hour ago I was looking around for rumors about what the next Challenge would be. I’d post the video that’s over on US Weekly, but WordPress is weird about embedding videos, so you’ll have to head over there to actually check it out. Anyway, here’s the cast broken down by season with a few notes from yours truly.

Austin (2005): Wes, Melinda, Danny & Lacey (Danny and Melinda used to be MARRIED)

Brooklyn (2009): Chet, JD, Sarah & Devyn

Cancun (2009): Jasmine, Jonna, Derek & CJ (Jasmine & Jonna were partners on Rivals)

New Orleans (2010): Jemmye, Knight, McKenzie & Preston (Knight was a joke on his first  Challenge)

Las Vegas (2002-3)/(2011): Trishelle & Alton, Nany & Dustin (Dustin’s first Challenge, should be interesting)

San Diego (2011): Ashley, Zach, Sam & Frank (Ash & Zach didn’t like Sam & Frank and vice versa)

St, Thomas (2012): Trey, Laura, Marie & Robb (lots of existing drama plus rookies and lots of booze? not looking good for this team)

As far as I’m concerned, the most interesting team here will be the Austin kids. That Wes/Danny/Melinda dynamic will be pretty insane to watch. I wander why there’s so many seasons between Austin and Brooklyn. Between those two you’ve got Key West, Denver, Sydney and Hollywood which are not represented at all. Maybe they couldn’t get those folks on this one or maybe they skipped them because those are some pretty Challenge-heavy seasons.

I really like that they went with so many rookies this time around. Aside from Wes, most of these kids have never done a Challenge, have only done one or two OR haven’t done one in a long time. That will make the game itself pretty interesting, especially without the usual dynamic of Johnny/Kenny/Evan etc. I guarantee Wes is going to try to run the show, but there’s enough other people around to throw plenty of monkey wrenches into his plans (which never work out anyway).

It will also be interesting to see how the game is actually set up. The trailer makes it sound like your team is the kids from your season, but it also seems like you’re competing against the people on your team (isn’t that Wes hitting Danny with a fish or vice versa?). How will people get sent into the Gulag/Jungle/Inferno/whathaveyou? Will it be one person from each team? There are tons of open ended questions and I can’t wait til September 19th (I’ve already marked my calendar). Oh, by the way, I noted this on Twitter, but I expect at least three people will get sent home for fighting.

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