Toy Commercial Tuesday: Major Matt Mason

Any time I read a story about somebody wanting to make a movie out of a toyline from decades ago that doesn’t really have much steam these days, I roll my eyes. I get wanting to make Transformers, they’ve never really left the public consciousness, but things like Action Man or Flex Armstrong make me wonder. If someone has a great idea for executing that story and the clout in Hollywood to make it awesome, I’m cool, but if they’re just cash grabs for old properties with little to no name recognition anymore, I don’t see the point.

I thought the same thing this morning when I wrote about Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis wanting to make a Major Matt Mason movie. And then I watched this commercial and my brain exploded a little bit. This is the kind of commercial that stays with you. Those kids are in their back yard while their parents have a part, but they’re also on the moon. They’ve got ALL THE TOYS, which is awesome and those toys happen to look super fun, running the gamut in type (figure, base, vehicles) and size. I can imagine, had I been born a few decades earlier, that Matt Mason would have been my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or G.I. Joe. Not that it matters whatsoever, but I’m now down with the whole Matt Mason movie thing, especially if Mattel decides to do new toys. I’m sure Mr. Hanks and Zemeckis are super excited.

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