Preferred Podcasts: Weekend Confirmed

Weekend Confirmed

As I mentioned when talking about Hear Me Out, now that I’m relatively caught up on most of my podcasts, I’m on the hunt for new ones to add to my weekly listening experience. I don’t usually actively look for new shows to listen to or watch, they tend to come organically from hearing the host on another podcast. That’s how I first heard about Hear Me Out as well as Weekend Confirmed.

Totally Rad Show was one of the first podcasts I ever started watching and it was easily a favorite. In fact, I used to turn it on while my daughter and I ate lunch. She dug it so much that she even learned part of the theme song. Well, as you probably know, TRS is no longer with us, but I did remember hearing one of the hosts Jeff Cannata was also on a video game show called Weekend Confirmed, so I gave it a download and have been enjoying it ever since.

WC is basically a video game radio show where Cannata and fellow regular host Garnett Lee talk about the week’s news and games with a rotating cast of other video game journalists and professionals. While I enjoy video games, I’m far closer to the world of casual gamers than hardcore ones — I’m perfectly content waiting for a game to make it to the $15-25 range used at Game Stop and don’t spend nearly as much time playing these days — but I still like listening to people who are really into this format talking about what they like and why.

Since I’m not a huge game guy, I will admit that a lot of what they talk about goes over my head. But I’m okay with that. There’s a whole world of games out there that I don’t know about, so every now and then I have to look up what a kind of game is. But, I don’t expect them to explain every little thing, I imagine I’m not exactly the audience they’re going for and I get that. I’m learning as I go which is pretty fun and reminds me a little bit of when I first got into comics, just diving in with both feet trying to figure out what’s going on.

While I like listening to smart people intelligently talk about any subject that I’m even remotely interested in, I will admit that Cannata’s presence on the show is what got me there in the first place and probably coming back for the first few listens. Unlike a lot of other podcasts, I decided not to go back as far as I could with episodes, but instead just started with whatever the latest episode was and went on from there. I will admit I was disappointed when I got to a few episodes that Cannata wasn’t on, but by that time I was enjoying the whole of the show enough where I stuck with it and now I can easily say I’m a Weekend Confirmed fan. If you’re into games, give it a listen!

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