Sylvester Stallone “Will Not Portray” Rambo In TV Series

rambo first blood part 2 Well, that didn’t take long to clear up. Just a few days ago, Entertainment One and Nu Image announced that they’re working on a Rambo TV series that film star Sylvester Stallone could possibly appear in. But now The Hollywood Reporter got exclusive word from Stallone’s people who said he will not appear on the show.

“While a television series based on the Rambo property is in development with Entertainment One and Nu Image, contrary to reports, Sylvester Stallone will certainly not reprise his role as the iconic John Rambo for the small screen,” the PR rep said. They did note that the Academy Award winning actor/screenwriter might have a hand in the creative side of things.

How do you think they’re going to handle this one, gang? The original Rambo was a Vietnam vet who could never quite fit back into society, so what will the deal be with the new version? They could go the period piece-route and keep the same basic premise or update the character as a veteran who served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Also, will they just reset the whole thing or make the new character a relative of John Rambo a la the Shaft movie starring Sam Jackson? What would be your ultimate Rambo show?

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