Casting Internets

I had a busy day today, so I’ve got a lot more links waiting to read than I’m writing about here. These are mostly fun images and quick bits I read today. Enjoy!

We’re kicking off, as you might expect, with some Halloween links. Wired has their list of the 25 best horror movies. It’s pretty standard stuff. There’s a few I don’t like, but that’s common with lists. I’m a lot more interested in reading Stacie Ponder’s list of horror movies she “hearts.” Like she says in her intro, we all pretty much know what the best horror flicks of all time, but we’ve got other ones that we just love even if they’re not technically as good as the others.

I subscribe to a few Twitter feeds through Google Reader and saw two interesting notes on Kevin Smith’s. First up, Red State‘s almost done. Second, you can submit speed metal and country songs that might make it into the movie. Pretty cool. Dan Hipp‘s drawing of Hellboy as Mario and Abe Sapien as Iron Man is awesome. If I was smarter, I would have tried to buy it earlier.

I should be better about linking to my stuff, but if you’re looking for a Halloween-themed list to read, check out my list of camps not to send your kids to over at Topless Robot. If you’re STILL looking for some lists, head over to the slutty Halloween costume list I did for Gamma Squad and my list of awesomely bad horror movie songs, both of which I wrote last year. That’ll be the end of the self promoting section of the evening.

My buddy Sean discovered that Grant Morrison invented LOLCats in We3. Take that internet!

There’s a lot of good, new Sheldon from Big Bang Theory shirts at 80s Tees. This one’s my favorite. I saw this via Ffffound and now I need to go through and look through all the posts on Animated Albums. I love Nirvana and I love In Utero, so this is right up my alley. Finally, Han Solo in Carbonite done in Lego is awesome. How does Great White Snark find this stuff?!

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