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Let’s get the last few horror and Halloween links out of the way. This mask of “Late Night Talk Show Host” is way creepy, but I’m glad Conan Tweeted about it. I dug Snooki’s Halloween costume, being a fan of pickles myself. By the way, I got honestly 10,000 hits this weekend just for people trying to find Jersey Shore Halloween costumes. (via Tom & Lorenzo)

I know it’s being reported everywhere including /Film, but I have a hard time believing James Cameron is really working on a Darkchylde movie. Was Purgatori unavailable?Tim Burton fans should definitely check out Jim Hill‘s look at the writer/director/artist’s proposed but canceled Disney Channel movie Trick Or Treat about a young girl meeting a house full of monsters who want to learn how to be like all the people in the suburban neighborhood they all live in. (via Tom Spurgeon)Kevin Smith blogged about finishing Red State, showing it to the cast and crew at the wrap party and even revealed a teaser poster that’s pretty creepy. Good stuff. The last bit of Halloween/horror news: NECA‘s new motorized Gizmo figures from Gremlins. Pick them up over on NECA’s Amazon store. I love NECA, they make some of the raddest figures around, including an entry in my top five figures of all time: the ultra-poseable, accessory-filled comic-based Ninja Turtles figures.

I got a kick out of Mark Mikin’s interview with a Washington D.C. bartender over on Esquire’s Eat Like A Man Blog, especially this quote: “Politicians drink more when they’ve won than when they’ve lost.Like my buddy Sean (go check out his new blog setup) I’m excited for the new Steel one-shot with these cool, iconic covers. CBR has a nice little interview with writer Steve Lyons. “Reign of the Superman” got me into comics, so I’ve got a love for Steel. I read a few issues of his 90s series, but had to drop for financial reasons. I loved his appearances in JLA and 52, but I’m not sure what happened to him after Atlas beat the crap out of him last/earlier this year in the Superman books. Wynn Ryder drew something from Expendables. I will always post/link to anything related to the greatest action movie ever. Ffffound showed me this Wampa/Empire Strikes Back art which was originally posted on ScriptShadow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, but it’s awesome. And, finally, if you want to read a bunch of quotes about Yoda, head over to and read their latest Empire Chronicles. Fun stuff.

Oh, real quick does anyone know a good music site with a mix of news and legit criticism that’s worth reading? I need to start getting more music news in my life. Thanks!

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