The Ruins Rundown

After last week’s episode tonight’s episode feels a little boring. Don’t get me wrong, I still look forward to Wednesday nights at 10PM more than a lot of other TV timeslots, but this episodes hardly had any fighting or drunken and disorderly conduct.

Did anyone else think the opening on the boat was strange? Did I miss someone explained how they got on the boat? Usually on these challenges they’re stuck in fairly remote places and anytime they leave it’s for a challenge. And when they do get a night or day off there’s usually a quick explanation. I can’t believe I’m actually wishing a reality show would spoon feed me information more than it already is. Anyway, they should have just chillaxed and let Paula climb that mast, it could have taken care of a lot of their problems.

I liked seeing Wes and Evan talking like actual adults for a little while. Of course, it didn’t last, but what are you going to do? There’s still some tension between Wes and his team. I have no idea whether I believe Wes’s claims that he’s going to give all his winnings to charity (assuming he wins and I think he will). But, hey, that’s how the game is played.

I thought both of the challenges were pretty weird today. Walking on your teammates and pouring water in a bucket? I understand that there have been a lot of these games between the various challenges, Survivor and whatever other challenge shows are out there, but these seemed kinda weak. It was nice to see the Challengers actually pull off a W, but a huge disappointment that they lost both of their players in the Ruins (Brianna and Adam). The Challengers are looking super weak. I’d like to think that some of the games further down the line might actually favor a smaller team, but we’ll see. I’ve hoped for upsets a lot in challenges past and have wound up disappointed.

I wonder if Cyrus really thinks the dudes on his team have his back. He was sitting there, saying how much Wes has screwed up, but Wes could have been one of his sole allies on that team. See, if Wes starts his own alliance with Cyrus and picks up anyone else who doesn’t fall under the Johnny/Kenny/Evan and whoever girls are under their sweaty wings, Wes would have a strong unit. I mean, they can’t really think that there’s room for all of them right? It’s Kenny and Johnny and Evan, those dudes would sell their grandmas out to win one of these things. I was hoping that Adam would have called Kenny in. I want to see him actually prove himself this time around and not just sit on Evan’s shoulders the whole game.

On a completely different note, how crazy is it that Dunbar hasn’t gotten into a fight yet? He had quite the temper on his last challenge and his season of Real World. Same with Veronica and Katie, those are two little firecrackers who haven’t stirred up any trouble yet (though it looks like Katie goes off next week, should be fun). Thank goodness next week will feature what looks like a healthy dose of broom smacking and lady-shouting.

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