The Ruins Rundown

One of these days I’m going to get a DVR. See, as it is, I don’t think I can get one or full-on digital cable in our place because the wiring in the building is too old. A year ago we were told that Verizon Fios offered to come in and set everyone up for their services externally whether you wanted it or not for free. But they still haven’t moved into our city yet from what I can tell. This is all a roundabout way to tell you that I didn’t get to watch The Ruins all at once this week. I was busy being interviewed along with my TTT cohorts for next week’s War Rocket Ajax podcast which was a lot of fun. Look for that next Monday (I’m sure I’ll link to it). Luckily, they play The Ruins again right after playing it the first time, so I caught most of it, but not all. Which means I had to wait until now to write up a full review on the entire show. Did anyone care about that? Probably not. Anyway, since it took me so long to watch the whole episode, I’m just going to post my notes and call this a live blog after the jump. Hit it!

*Haha, Suzie says that if KellyAnne gets bounced it would be good for her, then Johanna corrects her “us.” Sorry chica, she does not care about you.

*Dunbar might be proving that he’s not a walking powder keg this season.

*Yes Johnny, everyone’s gunning for you because you’re an asshat. Also, those guys don’t care about you, you’re just there.

*Is it me or is all Kenny good for this season is adding color commentary during the interview process?

*Johnny of COURSE Evan’s playing the game for himself and not you!

*Oh Veronica, don’t talk about throwing the mission. But it’s true that she will always get thrown in between Johanna and Suzie.

*Everyone’s pretty dumb about setting up their strategy for the challenge. It makes the most sense to have the dudes tossing over and the girls catching.

*The challenge involves throwing and catching fruit and moving it. Huh.

*The over-the-head backwards throw seems to make the most sense.

*Those pointy fruits look scary.

*Once again, Kenny ain’t really doing shit.

*Sorry children of Thailand who were hoping for some fresh fruit, an American TV show full of drunks needed them for a game. Yes, a game.

*Of course the Champions win. Blerg.

*The idea of taking on someone with the most money is a concept we haven’t seen yet. I wonder if the money is posted somewhere that they can see.

*The Champions deliberation is annoying. Johnny Bananas tells Veronica she can’t choose her own opponent because that’s not how it’s been done in the past.

*Evan’s plan is so obvious, why doesn’t anyone see it? Oh snap, Veronica’s in the room. That’s awesome. Hopefully this will come back to bite Suzie and Johanna.

*So it’s Veronica vs. KellyAnne and Syrus vs. Cohutta.

*Johnny worked his devil magic to get Syrus thrown in so him and Derrick wouldn’t have to.

*Derrick is really coming off as a huge pussy throughout this season. I’m shocked that no one has tried to make a counter alliance. Maybe if Syrus comes back (which I don’t think he will unless the challenge is purely strength based) it’ll happen. As it is, the Champions team is so freakin shady.

*Suzie was saying she’s allied herself with Evan, Kenny and Johanna. There’s still enough people not in that alliance that could equal them. Really, I just want Derrick to show some sack and do something.

*Did anyone else find it odd that Cohutta and KellyAnne were talking to each other on a couch alone? Maybe Wes was on to something with the flirting thing.

*We shall see.

*This Ruins challenge is a lot crazier than the regular fruit-throwing challenge.

*I think Cohutta can do this. “I think if a man has a real good shimmy about him, he should do okay in this competition.” Yeah, attaboy!

*Hmm, interesting point Evan. If Cohutta wins and has all this money, that might actually get someone like Kenny or Evan into the Ruins. I want to make a comic called Cohutta The Giant Killer.

*That didn’t look like such a good start for Cohutta. Is this a one time thing or best of three? I should really pay better attention when they’re explaining the rules.


*HE DID IT!!! But, I’m bummed that Syrus couldn’t go back and try to make some changes. Oh well.

*Sorry Veronica, I think KellyAnne is gonna wreck your shop. That means that stupid Johanna and Suzie will have to go in.

*That has to be exhausting over a period of time. KA’s gotta be the strongest girl in this whole game.

*KA pulls off the V, sorry V.

*Well done Challengers.

*Now Evan’s trying to be all badass saying he won’t miss her. Bullshit homey.

*Now it’s just Suzie and Johanna left. Haha, Suzie thinks she’s gonna take some of the Challenger girls out. What happens if there’s no more girls?

*Johnny thinks it’s funny to fuck with Derrick? Bad idea. He leaps off his bed to attack Johnny!

*”Who brings feathers to Thailand? What are you a drag queen?” Evan RE: Johnny

*Is this gonna get Derrick sent home?

*Johnny is such an asshole. Haha, yeah, JB, being a loud asshole probably isn’t the best strategy.

*Casey does need to go, you’re right, next episode commercial!

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