The Ruins Rundown

I was going to wait around for MTV to put up pics from tonight’s episode of The Ruins, but I know you all are just dying to hear what I have to say. So, here’s a live blog of the episode, which was interesting enough, but looks like the next one will be super crazy. Can’t wait.

*Susie would totally bone Cohutta.

*Truth or Dare. They must be super bored. Nice cutaway to the see no evil monkey

*”Sounds like two animals wrestling, let’s investigate.” – Evan

*Oh man, Kim and Dunbar?! He was a violent psychopath on your season!

*Everyone wants Casey gone. The Challengers need to win so they can throw Casey in against Susie. Meanwhile, the Champions are telling Casey she’s not going in because she’s an asset to them. Whew, if that’s not motivation I don’t know what is. Also, if they win that could give Cohutta a rest as far as the Ruins go.

*Johanna says she’ll go in and that she doesn’t care anymore. Interesting.

*Hmm, interesting point Susie. The girls don’t have anything to lose by going into the ruins.

*Derrick’s proposition that between Evan, Kenny and Darrell going in, whoever volunteers gets a free pass to the final is an interesting one. Why do I feel like they’re bullshitting and Darrell’s screwed?

*Wow, rolling people down a hill in a tire. Very redneck.

*Cohutta refers to himself as “my hillbilly self” and knows that it won’t be fun.

*Evan’s kinda sorta but not really putting himself on the chopping block by being the tracker. In theory that’s a make or break position.

*Wow, Susie is FREAKING OUT.


*Oh no, what if Sarah’s hurt and has to go home? She seems okay now, but we’ll see.

*Suzie’s looking weak.

*Gah, the Champions won by 9.5 minutes. Friggin Casey.

*Darrell picks Cohutta, Johanna Sarah. They want Darrell to take Dunbar? That would be a tough one for him to win.

*Get ready for the eventual betrayal Darrell. Also, Sarah’s gonna beat the shit out of Johanna.

*Johanna’s “out of it” which means she’s making excuses early on on why she’s gonna lose. She said she didn’t want to choose Casey because it would be embarrassing. More excuses.

*Woah, the Ruins sounds terrifying. I’m not cool with near drowning.

*Of course Johanna’s out. Peace out loser.It’s pretty cool how the glass shatters when you pull the lever. Doesn’t seem safe, but it’s cool.

*NOO, Cohutta lost!

*Woah, Susie gave him quite a kiss. (Not really, it was pretty tame).

*Yeah Brad, yell at Casey. Her A-game sucks.

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