The Ruins Rundown

Wow you guys. Just wow. What a crazy episode. The first episode had more craziness and people getting sent home for breaking the rules than the last two episodes combined! That was followed by a pretty terrifying, but one-sided challenge and then a surprisingly quick deliberation process only to be left with figurative blue balls thanks to a “To Be Continued” ending. Anyway, here’s my live blog of the situation. As you can see, it was pretty intense. Hit the jump for all the goodness.

*Interesting, Dunbar doesn’t want to drink. Good for him.

*Darrell would have a pretty big target on him if the Challengers could actually win.

*Woah, Susie just got KellyAnne naked. And now she’s hugging Susie…and Darrell.

*”It looks like the best looking guys are are going to get rich.” – Evan. That made me laugh HARD.

*Haha, I love when a drunk people try to tell other drunk people they need to relax and talk about things when they’re sober. Well done Brad.

*Woah, KellyAnne is an UGLY crier.

*I’m hoping that the fight between Brad and Darrell that they showed in the preview takes place before the challenge, because it might mean that Darrell gets sent home, which would really throw things for a loop.

*Now Brad is getting upset and arguing with someone who is drunk while he’s drunk which is what he was trying to stop in the first place.

*”It’s not my birthday anymore.” – KellyAnne. She said it really sad and dramatic-like.

*Oh god, Brad, stop just butting in on peoples’ conversations.

*It’s not a good sign when Johnny Bananas thinks you’re being an ass.

*Woah, Brad is losing his shit. He pushed Derrick away, then kicked him, then a piece of junk on the floor.

*There it is, Darrell has had enough, knocks Brad down and punches him in the face. Will this be the end of him for the game? That would mean that Kenny, Evan or Derrick would have to go in, though that’s what they said would be the case anyway.

*Woah, he laid into him like crazy. Darrell’s gotta be gone now. I wonder where his money goes.

*Shit, he’s bleeding a lot. Now he’s breaking shit.

*Wow, they both got sent home.

*WOAH, his eye looks crazy. Darrell really messed him up. I can’t even look at the TV.


*I wonder what would happen if Dunbar got sent home. What would they do without boys?

*Huh, a team of all girls would be interesting.

*Haha “You were the one playing ‘just the tip with me.'” – Dunbar.

*Are we finally going to see Dunbar flip his gourde again? That might be too much for one episode. We haven’t gotten to the challenge yet!

*Susie’s right, she should be able to choose who she goes in against. I like that she’s threatening to throw the last mission, but it’s kind of backwards. She threatens to throw things ahead of time might blow up in her face.

*Haha, Dunbar’s angels. I’d buy a T-shirt with that on it.

*Uh-oh, they’re letting them out of the house. We haven’t even gotten to the challenge yet and it’s 10:31.

*Haha, Sarah likes Kenny. She deserves him, the pair a weirdos.

*Kenny just said “I don’t want to kiss no girl! What is this, seventh grade?” Interesting…

*Interesting, Brad and Darrell’s money goes into the final pot.

*Oh snap, now that the numbers are so low, they have to deliberate on which player is exempt from the ruins. This time it’s Evan (because Johnny might still play some shady stuff) and Sarah because she just went in.

*This challenge is pretty scary. Trying to knock someone off a fence hanging really high off of a building. Kind of reminds me of that pulley challenge a few years back when Julie almost killed…Veronica? Or someone?

*Kenny was actually nice and didn’t shake it against Kim.

*Johnny’s like a monkey climbing across that thing.

*It would make sense to knock the other person off because that adds a lot more time to the clock.

*Evan beats Dunbar.

*Derrick’s shaking that stuff like crazy. I’m guessing it’s just because Evan told him to jump and Derrick’s their monkey.

*GAH, they keep playing that damn Gap holiday commercial!!!

*Hey, at least Sarah didn’t fall. Good for her.

*Peace out Casey.

*But will Susie try and throw it? Doesn’t look like it. Hell, she doesn’t really need to throw it because Casey’s time is probably longer than 15 minutes.

*Casey singing “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” is really sad. At least she did it though.

*Man, the Challengers SUCK. They didn’t beat a single Champions member in the race and then complain about Casey sucking.

*”Susie, god bless her amish looks.” – Evan, haha.

*They should let Susie go against Casey this time, then figure out what happens in the next game. I guess it’s kind of sort of nice that they let her go against Kim. But what about if she wins?

*Oh man, I want Kenny to go in SO BAD!!!

*Haha, Kenny should be on this Jersey Shore show. Em knows someone who knows him from hanging out on the Shore. Yech.

*I don’t think they’re going to get to the Ruins tonight. It’s 10:52 right now. Are we even going to find out who’s going in from the guys on this episode?

*”He’s a grade A douchebag.” – Susie regarding Johnny.

*Derrick wants Johnny to go in, so he does it. I hope he loses. Then one of the three muskadouches will have to go in.

*I just thought of something. They should come in and tell the wrong person they’re going into the Ruins, just to throw them off their game. Can they do that?

*Haha, Susie’s trying to get Kim to quit. Not gonna happen chickie.

*Oh snap it’s raining! That will make for an awesome Ruins…next week.

*Ragdoll is the Ruins game. You’ve got to pull the rope out of the other player’s hand. It should be even more interesting in the rain. I love rain games!

*Ahhh, even though I knew you were coming “To Be Continued” screen, I still hate you.

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